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Babs Tarr Leads Team Behind Spicy, High-Fantasy Dating Sim ‘Kiss U’

Yesterday, artist Babs Tarr (Batgirl, Motor Crush) and Sam Thurman -Founder of Thurman Studios- launched the Kickstarter campaign for their first video game, Kiss U, a “🔥spicy🔥 high fantasy dating sim/arcade puzzler for adults.” At the time of writing, the KISS U campaign has gained nearly 800 backers raising $30K+, and has already been deemed a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter in its first few hours.

From the campaign:
Kiss U is a 18+ dating sim where you’ll head off to a new college- juggling classes, new friends, and steamy romances! A spicy game featuring even spicier character art by acclaimed comics artist Babs Tarr and writing by Critical Role artist and comics author Kendra Wells. Kiss U is a sex-positive game built on an enthusiastic consent engine. Players can romance any of the five main characters: at KISS U there are no limitations to your love!

“Thank you to everyone who’s donated so far! We are forever grateful. I am excited, but know that we also a long way to go!!”

Babs Tarr, Project Lead

Styled after the classic adult arcade game Gals Panic, you’ll dodge enemies and slowly reveal spicy pics sent to you by your paramores via the CHERRY Phone. With every new image you’ll deepen your relationship with your match AND dive further into their particular kink. Figure what makes your lovers tick and you might just learn something about yourself in the process!

“Seeing all the support we’ve gotten right out the gate has left me speechless with gratitude! I love you spicy internet goofballs with my whole heart. Our campaign has only just begun! Let’s kick this funding goal’s butt and get some Spicy Stretch Goals.”

Sam Thurman, Studio Lead

The team behind Thurman Studios’ inaugural game joins forces from a wide range of creative industries including animation, comics, fashion, and tech. 

  • Babs Tarr (NY Times best selling artist of Batgirl of Burnside, Critical Role show host for Pub Draw, Spice Queen): Project Lead, Creative, Director, Lead Character Artist
  • Sam Thurman (Former engineering lead at Buzzfeed)” Studio Lead, Programmer
  • Kendra Wells (Critical Role, Dimension 20, Writer and illustrator of Real Hero Shit): Lead Writer
  • Kyle Fewell (Animation background artist Midnight Gospel, Netflix): Lead Environment/Background Artist
  • Bethany Maddock (Lead graphic design + Art director, Cosplay ambassador for Mortal Kombat): Lead UI/Brand Designer
  • Josh Boykin (Intelligame Founder, Adjunct Professor NYU): Producer, Narrative/Game Design Advisor

Images via Thurman Studios

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