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Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Available Now

Raw Fury, the adventurous indie publisher from Sweden, and developer Stumpy🐙Squid are pleased to announce that Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands is now available. Norse Lands, the first premium DLC expansion ever for the award-winning Kingdom Two Crowns, can be experienced on PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™, as well as Android and iOS.

To provide the perfect experience for fans of the game and aspiring Vikings, the Norwegian band Kalandra has written a unique soundtrack exclusive for Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands. What’s more, the band has dedicated their latest song and music video – “My Kingdom” – to the Kingdom franchise!

“We were so excited when Raw Fury contacted us about making music for Norse Lands. As the ‘90s kids we are, gaming was something all of us grew up with,” said Kalandra. “So to be able to score the musical atmosphere for Norse Lands has been a really fun and challenging process for all of us. We hope you will enjoy the playthrough and its musical journey as much as we did compose for it.”

Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands is heavily inspired by Norse culture and mythology, introducing new features, content, gameplay, visuals and challenges into the already extensive world of Kingdom Two Crowns. Players will establish their kingdom, defend it, explore the world, and conquer while facing a powerful new enemy and drawing upon the might of the Norse gods themselves. The scope of Norse Lands will captivate both experienced Kingdom players and newcomers alike.

Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Features:
  • Sit atop mighty Norse steeds and wield the powers of the Norse gods themselves – if you are daring enough to find and wield them.
  • New units such as the mighty Berserker, an extraordinary warrior who will fight for you and push back the Greed at all costs.
  • To Valhalla! All citizens, whether peasant, vanguard, farmer, archer, or builder, are suitable fighters. They will defend your kingdom to the end.
  • New weather effects reflect the harsh north. Experience the unforgiving beauty and nature of the Nordic lands and feel their cold winters to the core.
  • New enemies in the form of a new breed of Greed await to be defeated!

Further information can be found on the official website.

Image courtesy of Raw Fury

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