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kingdom hearts 3 monsters inc. trailer


New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Featuring Monsters Inc.

As you’d expect, it looks amazing. Because how often does Kingdom Hearts screw up the worlds it includes? Um, besides Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2. We don’t like to talk about that. Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to have done justice to the various worlds it is including.

Besides Monsters Inc. (complete with creepy, fantastic designs for Sora, Donald, and Goofy), we get further glimpses at the worlds for Toy Story and Tangled. Both look just as fantastic. After so long a wait for this freaking game, it better at least look good. It also looks like the game upped the companion game, as both Mike and Sully are on screen during the Monsters Inc. world, Buzz and Woody aid their talents for Toy Story, and Rapunzel and Flynn fight with Sora during the Tangled gameplay.

There’s also a LOT of Heartless bashing in this trailer. While it looks gorgeous, the gameplay also presents my biggest caution of the previews seen so far. Everything looks so damn busy and potentially gimmicky. I suppose they might just be showing off the creative finishers and such, while the more routine combat won’t quite look this flashy. And of all the problems Kingdom Hearts has, the fighting has never been one.

I won’t even get into Marluxia’s appearance or Vanitas. Who the hell knows with this series. The Vanitas thing suggests we really will get Ventus’s return, which hopefully means Aqua and Terra both come back with him.

It’s been a long freaking wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. While there have been various incredibly relevant side games in the series spread across multiple systems (that you can now pick up in one place on PS4 through the 1.5 and 2.5 collections), it is now 13 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out. Here’s hoping they stick to the 2018 release date. I’m ready to dive in.

Video and Images Courtesy of Square Enix


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