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Kingdom Hearts 3 Featuring Japanese James Woods

I know, I know, the newest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was pretty good for many reasons. It looks graphically outstanding and the gameplay looks incredibly smooth. It shows off the best Rock Titan showdown yet and it looks like Hercules is getting the most expansive and impressive adaptation of his oft-used level yet.

But seriously, whoever voices Hades in this trailer blew my mind. He sounds exactly like Japanese James Woods. I’m almost as happy listening to his voice here as I am with Japanese Donald Duck. Watch the trailer below:

I hope Hades and Maleficent get some sleep. They looks awfully tired.

Kingdom Hearts’s much-anticipated and oft-delayed third entry seems to creep ever closer to an elusive release date. Maintaining optimism over the years has not been easy. Between the delays and the handful of games spread across multiple handheld gaming devices, most of which prove necessary to have the slightest inkling what is happening anymore, the shine of the series has dulled quite a bit. It’s also hard to have a ton of faith about the end product because of so many delays. How often do games with development cycles lasting over a decade turn out alright?

Between these trailers and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 (seriously, what’s with the naming conventions?), we can at least be sure the gameplay will be as fun as ever. Even if you’re not sure who Aqua is, why Xemnas is back, who the hell Xenahort is or what his plans are, or a thousand other questions which make the Kingdom Hearts plot a ridiculous mess at this point.

Kingdom Hearts 3 still lacks a release date but another trailer drops on July 15th. This one promises to show off a new world! Here’s hoping we have some idea of when the hell the game will come out by then.

Video and Images Courtesy of Square Enix


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