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Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel is Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Everyone embiggen your hype and wallets, because this is great news. MCU bigwig Kevin Feige has confirmed that with the introduction of Captain Marvel to the money-printing cinematic franchise, her number one fangirl will adopt her original moniker and hit the big screen. Ms. Marvel will join the MCU.

For those not in the know, Kamala Khan is a teenage girl of Pakistani descent and Muslim faith who adopts Carol Danvers’s old Ms. Marvel persona after a Terrigen bomb incident awakens Inhuman powers. Powers mostly involving the ability to shift in size and appearance, as well as heal herself. She uses her newfound powers and identity to protect her home of Jersey City, New Jersey from all manner of threats big and small. Eventually she even joins The Avengers.

To say Kamala Khan is made for the MCU is an understatement. Take everything that makes Tom Holland’s Spider-Man such a fan favorite and it applies just as much to Ms. Marvel. She’s a young, funny, courageous girl with a geeky admiration for the heroes of her universe and a constant struggle between her two identities. Within her personal life, she also has the struggles of living as an American of the Muslim faith. This conflict drives a great deal of the drama between her, her parents, and her friends.

I’m so excited. Hopefully the MCU finds a way to capture all the elements of what makes Ms. Marvel such a great hero. If nothing else we should be excited to get a teenage, Muslim, Pakistani girl as a superhero in the Marvel pop culture juggernaut. Not to mention her comic series is filled with amazing representation among her friends and family. She should hit a home run on every level. She’s a fantastic superhero to base a movie on, she provides needed representation, and she fits in perfectly with the upcoming generation of the MCU.

I really hoped Kamala would make an appearance with the inclusion of Captain Marvel. If they mess her movie up, I might never forgive Marvel. Thankfully, Marvel seems to know exactly what they’re doing. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here talking about a Ms. Marvel movie.

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