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Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer Drops, Is There Any Replay Value?

So…the trailer for the new Jumanji movie just came out. Jumanji: The Next Level. Ooh boy.

I really liked the previous movie, Welcome to the Jungle (and the original of course, but that has very little to do with this series). It didn’t necessarily need a sequel, particularly not a direct one, but given Sony’s current struggle to get a franchise off the ground, I can’t really blame them for jumping on this one, their first real success in a while. And this is a world and premise I wouldn’t mind seeing more of, I’ll be honest. So let’s get into the plot, so far as the trailer has revealed one anyway.

Spencer (the nerd who became the Rock in the last movie) is dealing with some issues while staying with his grandpa, Danny DeVito. It’s a trailer, so his full range of issues aren’t fully explained, but it appears like he’s concerned that he and his friends are drifting apart, and is trying to do…something with the Jumanji cartridge to get them back into the game to rekindle their friendship? I think? The motivations aren’t fully explained, nor is what his intended plan was. But it is a trailer, so that can be excused.

Besides, the trailer is more interested in what happens in the game, as the three friends go into the game world to save Spencer, who appears to have been sucked back in. Martha winds up with the same avatar (Karen Gillan) but Anthony aka Fridge (the jock who wound up as Kevin Hart last time) is now Jack Black. Bethany (the preppy girl who was Jack Black) is nowhere to be seen though. Instead, we have two new characters, with Danny DeVito in the Rock’s character slot and Danny Glover (I’m not entirely sure who he is to the other characters, maybe just DeVito’s friend) in Kevin Hart’s. Elsewhere, we get a brief glimpse of Nick Jonas’ character, and the new addition of whomever Awkwafina is playing. Perhaps Spencer and Bethany?

The shenanigans of the two old men thinking they died and are in a weird afterlife is the main focus of the trailer which, to be fair, is similar to the previous movie’s marketing. The joke is that the behavior doesn’t match the actor’s image. And on the one hand, old people jokes aren’t really my thing. On the other hand though…the first movie managed to be more than the marketing gimmick, so who knows? This trailer did not excite me, but the previous movie was good enough that I’m willing to give them a shot regardless.

Image courtesy of Sony


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