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Strange Orb Promises Fun Times Without A Screen

Even the toy industry has gone a bit stir-crazy after being stuck inside for so long. Just in time for the launch of big consoles like the PS5 and the XBOX Series One X Pro Elite X Fridge, ergonomic bean bag chair company Yogibo has debuted the item that will no doubt defeat the titans of entertainment. What is it? It is T H E O R B. Well, really, its an odd little thing called the Jogoball, a smart object that combines all the best parts of Alexa and a baseball. Starting out with eleven games and bluetooth speaker powers, Yogibo has big plans for the little dude, including new games, character skins, and more. Check out the full press release below to try to make sense of why this exists!

If the eyes open, start running

Yogibo Introduces a New Spin on Family Game Night

Nashua, NH – November 6, 2020 – What’s small, round and packed with 1,000 hours of fun for all ages? Jogoball! Powered by Yogibo, the company behind lifestyle furniture and accessories that provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation filled with many sensory and health benefits, Jogoball is a new product line for the company, combining the best of classic play and technology to create unique and fun gameplay that’s new every time you play. The first product in the Jogoball line is available today and can be purchased on and for $119.

A screen-free tech toy/gaming console, Jogoball is filled with over 1,000 hours of content included out of the box so no two games are ever the same.  The ball is the console and the silicon sleeve encapsulates the content/series of games. Throw it, shake it, tap it, spin it, punch with it and twist the Jogoball to enjoy hours of fun. A silicon sleeve – the adorable blue Hugibo – protects it from little hands and hardwood floors alike.

Jogoball uses an exclusive six-axis motion detection technology and smart audio technology that pairs with a free companion app (iOS/Android). If you throw it, Jogoball detects a throw. Shake it, and Jogoball detects it! Twist it, and Jogoball knows it’s getting twisted! 

“During a time where so many of us are staring at screens all day, Jogoball offers a chance to take a break and have fun while keeping your brain happy and healthy,” said Eyal Lely, CEO of Yogibo. “The proprietary technology provides a unique experience allowing players to challenge themselves or pair up with family and friends for a next generation party game experience. We have received early feedback – and experienced with our own families – that players across a wide ranges of ages enjoy the content and we are thrilled to be bringing that enjoyment to more families today.”

Jogoball offers fifteen games that are both unique and familiar across four different categories including mind (like different trivia games), active (such as endurance workouts), music (use Jogoball like an instrument to make music) and social games (like ice breakers). It’s endless fun with “True or False”, “Guess Who?”, “Escape Academy”, “Ice Breaker” or “Beat Beat” – to name a few.

Family playing with Jogoball
Remember when we could do this?

Best suited for ages 8 and up, Jogoball is available for $119. Additional character sleeves are sold separately ($29), each with their own unique content, including skill-based learning such foreign languages and choose your own adventures.

Free updates and new content will available for Jogoball on an ongoing basis. For more information on Jogoball, visit

Images via Yogibo


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