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Jackie Chan Fights Pierce Brosnan in The Foreigner

Based on Stephen Leather’s 1992 novel The ChinamanThe Foreigner stars Chan as Ngoc Minh Quan, a restaurant owner whose daughter dies in a bombing by Irish terrorists. He pays a visit to a government official (played by Brosnan) demanding the names of those responsible. When denied, he gets down to doing what Jackie Chan does best; kicking ass and taking names.

Only this might be a bit more fierce and violent than the Jackie Chan the more aged among us remember. Think Taken but with someone actually capable of beating you up. Watch the trailer here:

The premise is interesting enough, but it’s clearly a setup to put Chan’s character on the warpath. And I have to say, that warpath looks damn entertaining and surprisingly frightening. Those of us used to good guy Jackie Chan might be shocked to see him blowing up buildings and wielding shotguns. It doesn’t look the least bit strange to me. I guess I’ve always wanted to see Chan’s abilities in a movie like this. Maybe someone has some recommendations where he has done this before? Let me know in the comments.

The Foreigner appears to have a tentative American release date for October, and a Chinese release in September. Starring alongside Chan and Brosnan are Liu Tao, Katie Leung, and Manolo Cardona

Video and Images Courtesy of STX Entertainment


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