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‘Jackbox Party Pack 8’ Launches On Consoles & PC

Today, Jackbox Games announced the release of The Jackbox Party Pack 8. This newest fun-filled pack in the hit irreverent party game series is available today on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam and the Epic Games Store for $29.99, with Steam running a special 10% off deal for the launch.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 features five new party games:

  • Job Job: A twisted interview game where you use other players’ answers to score the job. Who knew getting a job could be fun AND chaotic? (3-10 players)
  • The Poll Mine: Jackbox’s very first head-to-head team game! Trapped in a magical mine with no way out, try to correctly rank your group’s poll opinions and escape. (2-10 players)
  • Drawful: Animate: This exciting new spin on the classic Drawful introduces animated gifs that you can create. Watch out for those tricky decoys! (3-10 players)
  • The Wheel of Enormous Proportions: The ultimate game of trivia and chance. Doesn’t everyone love a game with a giant, shiny, spinning wheel? (2-8 players)
  • Weapons Drawn: The game where trust is nonexistent. Can you hide your murders while solving others? Get ready to point those fingers because everyone but you did it! (4-8 players)

Games in The Jackbox Party Pack series support phones, tablets, and computers as controllers. Just go to on your device and enter the room code to play. Up to 10,000 additional audience members can join specific games to affect their final outcome.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 will launch on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and iPad, and Android TV later this fall. For more information, visit, and follow along on TwitterFacebookInstagram and TikTok.

Images via Jackbox Games

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