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iZombie: 2.9 Cape Town Mid-Season Finale Review

This week on iZombie, Liv becomes a caped crusader after she eats the brain of a murdered teacher by day, and a vigilante crime-fighter named “The Fog” by night.

Of course, Liv gets in trouble after wearing a cape and even Clive is done with her ridiculousness. I can’t wait until he finds out the reason why she’s so weird every case is because she’s a zombie who suffers personality changes after eating people’s brains.

As our favorite crime solving team… solve the crime, Major deals with a completely new addition to the zombie world: a zombie sex-worker.

Honestly, I’m surprised that this wasn’t introduced earlier. Natalie is sick of her life. She was once a highly paid sex-worker who enjoyed her life of travel, now she’s a zombie forced to become the undead’s beck-and-call girl. Since, you know, zombies can’t have sex with humans.

Though Major brings her home and she asks him to kill her, he ultimately decides against his initial plan, arguing that Liv would find his actions reprehensible. You think? So Natalie agrees to just get into the freezer where he’s been storing the last few zombies, but she doesn’t want to come back if a cure isn’t made available. More on the cure in a moment.

But I just have to pause for a moment and think about how being a zombie sex-worker would seriously suck. Sex work is a very controversial and usually terribly portrayed topic. But the writers somehow managed to get across that Natalie loved her job as it was but being forced to do that job for zombies is unacceptable. And she makes the choice to get in the freezer herself which is so important to see with a plot concerning sex work.

Still there’s more drama to handle beyond Major somehow not being totally terrible.

When Liv isn’t running around like a superhero taking down Stacy Boss’ minions in a scene like The Flash or Arrow, she’s dealing with Blaine, who brings her a dying guy who knows where the tainted Utopium can be found. So she’s forced to scratch Drake, who then embeds himself in the aforementioned Boss’ operation.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a mid-season finale if some terrible things don’t happen, and Clive work-dumps Liv after she goes off the book. He’d been treating her like a cop, and she wasn’t one. Their strange relationship is over and, regardless of Liv urging him to change his mind, he’s done.

What’s worse is tat she and Major break up again because, after his discussion with Natalie, he suggests maybe Liv can find some milder synthetic brains. He may be committed (even with the lies), but she comes to the conclusion that both of them know deep down that they can’t work. Being a zombie has changed Liv, and the truth is that they belong with their own kind.


Now, I think that breaking up with Major is the responsible thing to do because when Liv finds out the truth the brains will hit the fan. But it sucks that Liv is a heroine that so rarely gets to truly be happy.

And I am pretty sure that the relationship was the only thing that was keeping Major from completely losing it, considering how shitty his life is right now.

He tells Liv to stay safe out there and that it won’t be forever because Ravi is going to find a cure.

Well. Not anytime soon because New Hope (our favorite zombie then human rat) is now a zombie again after staying human for 160-some days.

This is really bad news for Blaine and Major, and more importantly, as Ravi sums up in a comic book voice over as Liv stands watch on a rooftop (nice touch writers), “If hope is indeed lost, what’s left for our zombies to live for?”

A really good question to end the first half of the season on, and gives the characters and viewers a lot to think about.

As a mid-season finale, the episode is really well done and finally, finally starts pulling more of the plot points together. But I still worry that the next four (the original last part of this season) are either going to be paced really quickly, or they’ll be just as slow as the first part of the season.

Meaning: the rest of the season is either going to be awesome or terrible.

Especially considering we haven’t gotten any movement on Liv’s relationship with her family, and even Peyton has been missing lately.

At one time, Liv had her work and Ravi but all she has now is Ravi; he may be pretty awesome, but one man/boss does not a support system make. I worry how all of our characters will be when the show returns.

Grade: 4/5

Image courtesy of the CW


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