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iZombie: 2.8 The Hurt Stalker Review

Trigger warning for stalking.

iZombie got six more episodes bringing the season 2 total to 19 episodes! This means that regardless of what happens in the thirteenth episode, we’ll get six more episodes with our favorite zombie and her friends to fix the resulting problems from the thirteenth.

This week’s episode has Liv eating a wedding planner, Regina, who was shot to death, and was both Clive’s ex-girlfriend and was stalking Clive! This is the lady we saw, last week, leave something at Clive’s doorstep. That something being a scrapbook of a Photoshopped, mostly fictional, account of their couple-of-dates relationship.

So Liv and Ravi go undercover, as soon to be marrieds (yes!), to infiltrate the wedding planning business, while Liv also develops stalker tendencies and follows Major around.

Oy. Just think of Liv asking Major about new shampoo in the shower, who Major is texting, and then texting Rita (who is Gilda) in an attempt to figure out who she is. Of course, Gilda only sends a photo of her body, so Liv is still not in the know.

This weird love triangle relationship is the worst. Same with Major training (!) du Clark.

I knew right away after reading the synopsis that I was not going to like this episode and I was right. For reasons besides the inherent ableism anyways.

I expected Clive to be the first suspect, after all he was her ex and his gun was found at the scene because another cop’s wife, who Regina had been bothering, framed him. And I expected the terrible character bits that come from Liv eating a stalker’s brain, a stalker who makes a similar scrapbook about each one of her cop, including the chief (!), exes.

But I’m really tired of the racism that’s happening this season. Various episodes have been really ridiculous. Liv on cranky old guy brains was “understandably” racist but it wasn’t necessary. Neither was a line about Ferguson and legalizing weed in conjunction.

The writers did much better last season and need to quit using racist lines from Liv as the punchlines for her various personality shifts.

Other things are frustrating, which I have complained about at length so will not again, except to say that Gilda is ridiculous and I really hope that she gets to be more than du Clark’s daughter and right-hand henchwoman.

At least the Super Max (du Clark’s new energy drink) plot is brought back to the forefront as Dr. Irving, from a few episodes ago, had a lab accident and a new doctor has been brought to help test the recipe. If Super Max works, it’ll be like 5 Hour Energy mixed with every other energy drink combined with like eighty steroids and you’ll never need to sleep again!

Sounds terrible, but people buy anything these days.

Thankfully Gilda and du Clark are hilarious and really good at being bad, so none of their scenes are a waste and I can’t wait until they run into Blaine.

Other non-wasted scenes include Agent Blasio bringing the scrapbook to Ravi and Liv, highlighting how she knows more about Clive (who loves Game of Thrones, plays the piano, and can cook) than the other two who have been working with him for over a year now. It’s hilarious and Agent Blasio is super entertaining even if she’s probably what will cause drama inevitably.

Also: Liv and Ravi holding hands for a solid minute even though they left anyone who would care.

Clive also makes Liv and Ravi po’boys which is super great, and Liv getting arrested because she’s incapable of silencing her phone almost makes up for the racism. Not because she’s arrested, but because it highlights how Liv sometimes forgets the likes of things on other people’s brains.

The only problem with Liv being arrested is that she won’t get out of lock-up for almost 36 hours and requires a brain, so the show finally comes back to how Liv is actually really dangerous if she doesn’t get regular brains.

We know this, since we’ve seen her kill other zombies and always in self-defense. Still, if Ravi isn’t there to get her more brains, then something could really go bad.

And if Major drinks Super Max, that will definitely go bad.

The episode is actually pretty good if you pretend that the ableism, racism, and ridiculous Liv on stalker brains didn’t happen. After all, Liv gets to do most of the investigating with Ravi since Clive is suspended until the investigation is over and that emphasizes that she’s damn good at her job.

With one ep left before the winter break, I really wonder if we’re going to get any more answers, or if everything is meant to be happening in the final four episodes that have already been written?

We get to see Liv in a cape though, and Blaine is back next week, so all is not lost!

Grade: 3/5

Image courtesy of CW


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