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iZombie: 2.7 Abra Cadabra Review

This week’s iZombie has Liv eating a death-obsessed illusionist, Sid, murdered during a Seattle magician convention because he was telling the world how other magicians did their tricks. Nihilistic Liv is a new personality and honestly more revealing than some of the past ridiculous personalities she’s embodied during cases.

After all, even though she and Major are technically back together, it’s not long before he starts distancing himself (ugh, again) and her zombieism makes her despondent.

Though it is pretty interesting how the iZombie writers have tackled the “Liv and Major can’t have sex” plotline. Like most monster stories, which are parallels to real world issues, the show’s speculation about zombie transmission seems like early understanding of HIV. In this case, however, even condoms won’t help the two. posit

Nothing will help the two until Major tells the truth, since he’s a zombie murderer and hiding everything from Liv. Plus if Major can’t get used to Liv’s personality changes from brain to brain, were they really going to work together as a couple?

He even leaves her to hide upstairs when she pulls out the Ouija board at the end of the episode.

So really, nothing moves forward between them.

Elsewhere, Ravi is struggling. He’s still got feelings for Peyton, trying to be nonchalant, be friends with her, and also work through his current relationship (that’s Facebook official, on her part). Then he breaks up with Steph because it’s just too much for him, like her wanting to celebrate Guy Fawkes day weeks after it had passed. Ouch.

Then, when Peyton asks to hang out and watch Vertigo, he moves in to kiss her and it’s super awkward! She states that it was a mistake to move in (yes) and he says he’s just an idiot (no).

At least he’ll always have Liv, science, all the questions that come from Liv being a zombie, and, of course, enjoying her various personality shifts.

The real meat of the episode pertains to the Meat Cute Massacre and Blaine working with Liv!!

Too bad it’s not du Clark. Instead, the two are trying to figure out where all the rich zombie men have been disappearing to. Blaine also knows that Agent Bozzio was brought in and that they need to work fast to figure out what’s going on before the Agent does, or all zombies are in trouble.

Blaine has to convince Liv to work with him, since he, like Major, is a murderer and, even on death-obsessed magician brains, she’s not that quick to support him. Still, it’s a ton of fun getting to watch them snark back and forth and ultimately work together for the greater good. Well, for zombies anyways.

They end up spying on Agent Bozzio and Clive on their date and do kind of become partners (even with Liv’s shiny personality of the week.)

Liv alters the DNA results on the brain found at Lt. Suzuki’s house to say that it’s a cow brain. For now, she and Blaine have the upper hand on Clive and hopefully will figure out what’s going on with du Clark and Major.

When Clive gets the results back, it’s obvious that he’s disappointed that the results say cow and not human, but Agent Bozzio seems to still be supportive. For now she’s still in the “might fuck shit up” column.

Other things that might cause more drama in the future is the photo of the first dead zombie’s dog! Blaine saw it, but Liv didn’t, so if Liv ever does, or if Blaine ever runs into Minor, things will get really real, really fast.

Maybe part of me wants them to kiss. Or have angry zombie sex if Blaine is ‘accidentally’ turned into a zombie again. I don’t want Peyton and Blaine to kiss, however, since she’s turning to him in light of Stacy Boss freaking her out last week.

Though, anything pertaining to Major killing zombies or du Clark is going to cause more drama.

There’s also a new character introduced this week. A black woman who has been watching Liv, or at least Clive’s place, drops off a document for him and runs away. I assume she’s not his daughter but introducing someone so late can only mean problems.

Okay, Liv, go eat another brain. Maybe an artist. You were a lot of fun as an artist.

Hopefully, Liv on stalker brains next week means she’ll figure out who Gilda is and finally start getting answers.

Grade: 3/5

Image courtesy of the CW


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