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iZombie: 2.6 Max Wager Review

This week’s iZombie has Liv running into the most dangerous man in Seattle, Stacy Boss, and Clive running into NBA Hall of Famer, Calvin Owens, when they investigate the murder of degenerate gambler Harry Cole. This is the same Cole from last week who had killed the loan shark that resulted in the basketball coach’s death.

Owens had been fixing basketball games and was being blackmailed by Cole to pay off Cole’s debts. Unfortunately for Owens, Clive and Liv always solve their cases and he confesses his crime.

Our crime solving team has other problems this week that actually suggest that we’re getting closer to some big shifts and questions answered in future episodes.

First, Major and Liv run into Clive and FBI Agent Bozzio right as she finishes suggesting that the brain found in Lt. Suzuki’s fridge is tested with FBI resources so that Clive doesn’t get in trouble. The scene is deliciously awkward because Clive mentions that Major had been the first to mention brains in relation to Meat Cute all those episodes ago.

So the puzzle pieces start moving closer. Bozzio may not be working on the Meat Cute case on purpose, but Case Find Missing Rich Guys isn’t good for Major either. Like I said when she was introduced, Bozzio will be the reason why Clive gets a clue, if he finally does.

I can’t wait for that reaction. Clive definitely knows something is off with Liv but doesn’t really want to know what’s going on, but he’ll regret that when he finally finds out.

Speaking of dangerous men, Blaine’s father Angus makes a return and decides that Blaine is going to kill the son of dad’s rival, because he knows Blaine isn’t a zombie. Uh oh.

It’s also clarified that Angus stole his dad’s company when Blaine goes to kill grandpa in hospice after stating that he’ll teach dad a lesson.

And by lesson, I mean Blaine cuts Grandpa’s brain out to give to Dad. But in the worst twist of fate, it was after Major had kidnapped Angus and put him in the ice box with the last two rich zombies!

I do have to give props to the iZombie writers for pulling all of that together. I also feel really bad for Blaine. He’s a bad guy and a killer, but he was trying to get back at his really shitty dad and killed the only person we can assume he’s ever cared about. He was mid tears when he had pulled the brain out before Syd’s announcement. You can’t help but care at that point.

He and Liv just need to work together to stop du Clark and all will be okay. Well, Major’s trauma won’t, and then Blaine will probably attempt to replace Stacy Boss, but at least du Clark will be gone.

In fact, we even get to meet Boss finally, after all this buildup of how he’s the worst kind of person ever.

He suggests to Liv, at the barber shop where bets are taken, that the best way to get a guy to die is suggest suicide so that his family will be let free.

He then pops in to visit Peyton at work after hours and implies that Blaine, who provided all the information about Boss’ crimes, is two years behind on what’s actually happening. He also clearly indicates that the first three DA’s who attempted to get Boss into prison are now living happily with lots of money, and the fourth is missing.

Most importantly, he suggests that maybe the current DA isn’t really into getting rid of him either. After all, Peyton is two years out of law school and had been on sabbatical.

Damn, he’s good. And creepy too! Blaine is definitely the better option here.

Elsewhere, Ravi and Peyton approve of Major and Liv getting back together. Though Ravi is very clear that, until he tests condoms, Liv and Major cannot have sex because who knows how zombie-ism is transferred, which leads to a hilarious Skype card strip game session.

Sadly for them, Ravi lets Liv know that she can’t have sex with Major after running some tests. Ravi’s gone from working at the CDC to testing zombie fluids on every single kind of condom and material possible to find in Seattle.

This show is ridiculous, but I do appreciate that they’re staying realistic to the whole “one partner has been diagnosed with an illness and thus both partners should take the right precautions before engaging in sex” dynamic.

It was also interesting to see last week’s case lead to this week’s. It wasn’t necessary by any means, but actually worked better than all the one case of each week format that we’re used to. Plus, it’s great to see Liv be happy again, considering the last time she was truly happy was with Lowell.

Now, if only someone could get Major some major help. At least he’s not killing the zombies anymore? He’s just disposing of fake mannequin bodies. Keeping frozen zombies in an ice chest doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea though, and I’m just waiting for that to backfire.

Grade: 3/5

Image courtesy of the CW


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