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iZombie: 2.3 Real Dead Housewife of Seattle Review

This week continues the trend of Liv eating the brains of not the most likeable people, specifically a trophy wife, Taylor, pushed to her death by a hired hitman. Suddenly fashion obsessed Liv and Detective Clive question suspects while everything else in Liv’s life continues to unravel. She even tries to make plans with Ravi and Clive for Friday night but both are busy.

Fortunately, though most of these victims are stereotypes, Rose McIver is able to bring life to each and every one of them. So watching her parade around in fashionable clothes and being hoity-toity is a lot of fun and brings levity to an episode in which Gilda tells Major that the original plan was to just have all suspected zombies invited to a cruise resulting in a scuttled boat.

At least Major will just be killing individual zombies? Zombie kill count, as of now: two.

However, I’m kind of over Clive not being in the know because there’s only so many times that he can side-eye Liv’s multiple personalities over and over again. At least if he was coming to the wrong conclusions, it would be funnier.

He even highlights how ridiculous the interactions between Major and Liv have been recently between her trying to talk to him last week, or how she slaps Major this week when she sees him in the Max Rager building.

Too bad she also doesn’t notice that Gilda works for Clark (and is implied to be Clark’s daughter due to an affair?) and no one will notice Gilda being around for the next ten episodes at least. So either she’s going to be figured out in the original season 2 finale, or in the last new episodes that were recently ordered by the CW.

The interactions between Major and Liv are also going to become more awkward if she ever realizes that he’s made out with Gilda after she comes onto him during a workout in the Max Rager gym, or if Major ever realizes that, these two ladies are roommates. Or when Liv realizes that he’s addicted to Utopium.

Same goes for Peyton who is back as the Assistant District Attorney to work on the Utopium Drug Taskforce.

By episode’s end, Peyton has talked to Ravi and has been filled in that he and Major both know about Liv but neither Major nor Peyton seem likely to talk to Liv anytime soon. Fortunately, Peyton does drop off a birthday cake with Gilda so maybe there is a future for the two.

As for the case, it turns out that Bethany, Taylor’s assistant, hired the hitman so that she could marry Taylor’s husband Terrance— who happened to be on Max Rager’s board, had put together a hostile makeover, and then is zombie’d to death by a zombie that is definitely not allowed outside of the building’s basement while Clark watches and seems aroused by it. Ugh.

This scene highlights yet again how terrible Clark is, and the lengths that he will go to, to get what he wants.

Season two of iZombie should just be tagged #Awkward because almost everything is awkward. Last season all the puzzle pieces culminated in a really fantastic finale.

Something about this season seems off to me. The pieces are there:

Liv is handling the results of the finale as well as possible. Afterall, she really only has Ravi in her corner, and he can’t be expected to always be there for her.

Major is on his addicted killing streak and will probably continue to fall until the mid-season finale (episode nine) while Peyton’s brief introduction has set up yet another conflict for many of the characters.

Clive’s on the side investigation into Major is paused but will make a return of course.

Blaine is attempting to move up in the drug world and Clark continues to beat him in the race for most evil baddie, but even that can’t keep the show afloat forever.

Hopefully next week’s episode continues to pull all of these threads together in a successful manner because, for the past two weeks, I felt like nothing had actually happened to truly propel the plot.

Grade: B-

Image courtesy of the CW


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