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iZombie: 2.1 It’s the Secretary! Review

Last time on iZombie, the brains had literally hit the fan as Major went on a zombie killing rampage in Meat Cute and then found out about Liv being one too. Ultimately, Blaine and Major were given the two doses of the very experimental cure and the episode ended with Liv’s brother caught in the explosion set by Lt. Suzuki to cover up what occurred in Meat Cute.

Unfortunately for Liv, besides Ravi and Clive (who is investigating Major on the down low), everyone else is not happy with her, as Peyton is still gone, her family is baffled that she refused to give her brother blood, and Major is avoiding Liv.

At least Major picks up Liv’s phone call long enough to hear that Clive is still digging around the Meat Cute explosion, and isn’t totally ignorant of how close he is to getting in real trouble with Clive.

Of course, Liv has a case to keep her busy, consuming the brains of a cantankerous old man to figure out why he was killed. Probably because he was a racist, persnickety jerk. And while her racist comments are technically because of his brain, it’s still really uncomfortable and also just makes me wonder how Clive still hasn’t picked up on the weirdness in his life. Yet again, I ask if Clive is just being written as the character who refuses to go down that route because he knows the real answer to Liv’s personality changes is not something he wants to deal with. Still, that reveal is probably going to be wonderful to watch.

Turns out, the old guy was murdered because a dog owner thought the old guy had poisoned the dog, but, really, it had been an accident. Not the best case ever, but it served its point which really was to highlight how unhappy Liv is with life— especially after all of her various traumas.

Trauma is something I haven’t actually discussed at length in any of my reviews, but it would be remiss to not point out just how much crap Liv (and others) have to deal with post-zombification.

Every time she goes intense zombie, Liv is hurting someone, even if it is out of self-defense. She almost didn’t save Ravi from another zombie (though it is made obvious that she will always be there for him and her friends.) Now she has to deal with most of her loved ones hating or being confused with her and her all time enemy no longer being a zombie.

Though, that last part won’t matter for long since she and Blaine will have to team up against Vaughn du Clark, CEO of Max Rager, who plans on introducing another drink that he knows will have the likelihood of creating more zombies.

And by introducing another drink, I mean that he has Major taken so that Major can be forced to be a hired zombie killer. Either he kills Seattle zombies for Vaughn or Vaughn will have Liv killed first…I guess he doesn’t have much choice about voiding her now. But one of the side effects is that he and Blaine can sense zombies so he could technically just avoid all zombies?

Even more suspect is that Vaughn has his shifty assistant Gilda from the finale move in with Liv now that Peyton is gone! Yay for a villainess?

Vaughn du Clark is the villain that Blaine wishes he was and the villain every show deserves. There’s literally no shades of anything besides evil in Clark and that’s super exciting to see as compared to all of the other characters. In fact, even though Blaine is going to continue his brain dealing business and move up in the crime world, nothing will compare to Clark’s greed and capitalistic evil.

However, I’m already over this plot of “guy doesn’t tell the girl he cares for the truth out of protection issues” because Major is most likely not going to tell Liv what’s going on until the mid-season finale, if that. Fingers crossed he gets to do something epic like in the finale and help destroy Clark.

Thank goodness Blaine working at a funeral home is ripe for both zombie puns and hilarity in general, so the show isn’t going to be all serious all the time. Hopefully. I’m really more interested in Blaine’s character evolving now that he’s a human again and not just the zombie brain-dealer main antagonist.

Ravi, too, has his hands full with his autopsy work, watching over Major, technically Blaine, the zombie rat named New Hope, and making sure that Liv doesn’t totally lose it after losing most everyone else. He’s also going to have to find more tainted drug if he wants to make more of the cure. And there’s a part of me that still wants them to get together.

The premiere does a solid job of “resetting” the characters in their lives after the Meat Cute explosion, and all that led up to it, while also establishing the new problems and conflicts for the various characters. As long as the writers can keep all the moving pieces in the right places, this season should continue to be great. Though I do suspect that there will be some hits or misses because already Liv’s family plot has been left aside for future episodes aside from the first few minutes of the premiere.

Grade: A-

Image courtesy of the CW


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