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iZombie: 2.5 “Love and Basketball” Review

This week on iZombie, our favorite mystery trio investigate the murder of a peewee basketball coach, Mike, who was also a security guard. This results in a hilarious pep talk from Liv to Major, and the general kind of ridiculousness that comes from being infused with the personality of a sports person: like Liv trying to slap Clive’s butt like coaches do.

(Why has no one discussed how weird that is, that coaches smack the buttpads on football players?)

It’s mostly Liv’s pep-talk, which includes Liv telling Major that the world throws wicked punches and isn’t all debutante balls, that makes up for the case. He sadfaces at her, but she gets him to tell her that he has no Utopium and she agrees to watch a sports movie with him because now that she’s not sexually interested in him (they’re friends now) she can watch him cry over it.

What? Who writes this ridiculousness?

The pep-talk is quite opposite to Liv telling Major earlier that they can’t do the thing because he could turn into a zombie, which is very mature of her, but also—he just placed himself at her feet! But like I said, mature and a much better decision than having a one-night mistake while Major is still hiding his killing zombie job.

Speaking of—Major is now in need of a better tranquilizer, because dead zombie 3 woke up in his trunk. We’re also introduced to Dr. Irving, the head of Max Rager’s Research and Development department, who is working on figuring out the biology of zombies in full zombie mode so that she can eventually create the new energy drink, Super Max.

Oh, and she wants Liv’s blood to do more tests and knows Gilda is living with Liv. Wow, these people are terrible. Gilda gets it by accidentally cutting Liv’s finger when they’re preparing vegetables together for dinner.

So, how much is du Clark paying everyone to keep the locked up zombie secret?! In Gilda’s case, it’s like father like daughter, but everyone else?

Of course, the case itself, like all the cases this season, is nothing to fuss about. The coach was murdered because, the night he was working, a man in the building killed a loan shark and needed to get the loan shark’s body out, so he killed the security guard.


Though it does offer Ravi going up against a racist coroner in Tacoma, Washington when the loan shark’s body was found. And since Liv’s multiple brains have caused her to be racist in past episodes, I’m glad that it wasn’t her this week and the victim of the racism was allowed to respond.

Since the kids don’t have a coach, Major is brought in by Liv to coach them so maybe when he’s spiraling some more from killing all the zombies and not telling her the truth, he can also coach some kids.

(I am so beyond this plot.)

Elsewhere, Ravi and Blaine work together in attempts to recreate the cure which provides some superb one-liners from both men, who, in a different life, may have gotten on like a zombie with brains.

And by “work together”, I mean that Blaine sends the Utopium to Ravi, but Jesus-loving zombie comes by and injects the Utopium and then dies. A second time. So apparently zombies can die besides the general shooting, beheading, etc.

In the wrong hands, the tainted Utopium is an instant zombie killer, a fact both Blaine and Ravi are aware of, resulting in a hilarious wrestling match. Ultimately, Ravi breaks the remaining Utopium.

Finally, after four episodes, the Meat Cute Massacre is readdressed when Lt. Suzuki’s widow Helen visits Clive after he asks if the now-dead Lt had shown signs of suicide and brings him a cooler with a brain piece!

Also, ya’ll know how I mentioned that Agent Bozzio (totally heard it wrong last week) might figure out Liv is a zombie first? If anything, she’ll be the reason why Clive figures everything else out, because the astronaut’s hair was found deep in one of Meat Cute’s drains.

How anyone would feasibly explain that away, I don’t know.

Now if only Liv could find out that Gilda’s a lying brat and that Major is free-falling into who knows what this is. Though, I am proud of him for flushing the Utopium, and, in a weird way, I’m kind of glad he told Liv that he wants them to be together again even with all the risks.

Because he’s “a better man with her.” Wow, does that line work?

But hey, at least we’re finally moving toward what seems to actually be a well-planned mid-season finale.

Or Clive finding out that Liv is a zombie, and his life is just a terrible show.

Grade: 4/5

Image courtesy of the CW


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