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iZombie: 2.4 “Even Cowgirls Get the Black & Blues” Review

Blaine is back this week and tries to figure out where his rich zombies have gone off to. So he turns the original Utopium dealer into a zombie in hopes that he’ll tell Blaine what the recipe is. But original Utopium dealer has found Jesus and still doesn’t want to eat brains, and is let out into the world.

But then it gets shady because Blaine goes to Peyton who, in her daytime job, has been trying to find out more about Stacy Boss, Seattle crime boss and leader of the Utopium drug syndicate. Boss is also the guy who Blaine wants to replace, so obviously this is all for himself.

Honestly, I just can’t wait until du Clark’s killing zombies, Blaine trying to find his missing (dead) clients, Peyton’s work in the Utopium task force, and Liv’s life all culminate in shit hitting the fan. Or at least Blaine and Liv working together against du Clark because their chemistry is better than Liv and Major’s.

It sucks that Major has to kill zombies, but he could JUST TELL LIV. I get that he’s hurt by her lying to him but he’s doing the same thing she did. I didn’t agree with Liv not telling Major that she was a zombie last season. Especially when he checked himself into a mental health in-patient program.

I also don’t agree with Major self-medicating with Utopium (which he knows can turn him into a zombie if he takes a tainted dose) and lying to Liv in attempts to protect her instead of giving her the very knowledge that will keep her safe!

He even brought home the dog of the last zombie he killed. Sigh. Though Ravi did name the dog Minor which was hilarious and a reminder of why we all deserve Ravi in our lives.

Too bad all of the iZombie men are having lady problems this week. Ravi is struggling with his feelings after Peyton’s return, which is also affecting his game in general.

Then Clive meets new FBI Agent DiBlasio brought in to investigate all the missing rich men: the astronaut from season 1, the two guys that du Clark has had Major kill, and Taylor from last week that du Clark watched die. While the astronaut was killed for his brains by Blaine’s hench-zombies, the other three are related to du Clark’s quest for power and two of them are the ones Blaine is worried about because now his clients are going missing.

While DiBlasio’s and Clive’s interactions are fun, this show is super hetero so I’m just waiting until they get together. Additionally, her work will coincide with Major’s zombie killing job, but it’s been weeks since Clive’s investigation into Major, so I hope the rest of the plot points connect soon because all the pieces are there.

As for our titular lady, Liv gets to eat the brains of a country singing waitress, Lacy, who was strangled by a guy who had robbed a convenience store.

Seeing Rose McIver sing almost makes up for the case being the same old, same old.

Then watching her tell Major she needs to let him go and him essentially shutting the door in her face hurts too much. She even tells him why she was trying to protect him from her new reality. Even though we know why he’s pushing her away, it sucks.

Ultimately, at episode’s end, Major tells Liv that he needs help and they make out, but that still isn’t enough for me to be okay with this plot line. Especially because she still doesn’t know the truth and probably won’t for a few more episodes.

The most important scenes in this episode are related to Peyton and Liv surprisingly reuniting within the first few minutes. The missing piece last season (partly due to Alyson Milchaka filming a different pilot) was a real exploration of the Livton friendship. We know it is long and meaningful, and Peyton even told Liv that she’s Peyton’s “Freakin heart”. Yet we never really got to see them interact as much as roommates and best friends do in real life— even with Liv actively ignoring Peyton.

Obviously, Liv has a lot to explain to Peyton who already has a list of questions (I love Peyton), but I am so glad that this friendship is on the road to repair.

Now if there could be some actual movement on the various plot pieces considering the (original) season is already half-way done.

Last week, I talked about how all the pieces are there, but they just need to be put together. It finally looks like after this week that they might be.

Grade: 4/5

(The Hub writers have all switched over to number ratings so that all our reviews have a consistent scale.)

Image courtesy of the CW


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