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iZombie: 2.02 Zombie Bro Review

It’s one thing for Liv to ingest a racist’s brain and be cranky all through an episode, but watching her be a fraternity boy named Chad Wolcoff is absolutely hilarious. Liv at a fraternity party and ruling at beer pong is even funnier.

And this kind of comedy is appreciated after last week’s old man persnicketiness and the general sadness that comes with everyone but Liv’s coworkers ignoring her.

There’s also the regret that Major must deal with while watching the kids of the zombie he killed asking for information on their missing father. It’s great that the writers are weaving in the zombies who are going to be killed by Major continuously through episodes, but it’s also really depressing. I hope this arc doesn’t last too long.

Of course Liv, Clive, and Ravi work together to figure out that Chad was murdered, by accident, by a man whose father was killed by another man named Chad Wolcoff. I don’t even know how to respond to that. The cases on this show are always so hit or miss with the whodunit aspect.

Ravi continues to focus on finding a cure and enlists Major to keep an eye on him as he takes (hopefully untainted) Utopium to understand the drug’s basic effects; they go to a club, both get high, dance a lot, and it’s absolutely great. And the Rajor (I’m not actually sure what their portmanteau is) shippers rejoice.

What’s not great is Major developing an addiction to Utopium in an attempt to deal with his obvious feelings for Liv and his new job. This guy has had the worst luck on this show– besides Liv. It seems like the writers are trying to endear him beyond being just Liv’s perfect ex-fiancé and who I assume will eventually become fiancé again.

I’m not sure how well this will play out, because redeeming Major is going to be difficult. Yes, he has killed zombies before, but they had been actively and premeditatedly killing other people for brains. The zombie that Major killed last week (and the zombies he will probably go on to kill) are harmless, have families, and probably aren’t doing much but buying brains somehow. (Though it does beg the question: if the zombies are willingly eating brains, they must know that they’re coming from someone, somewhere.)

Either way, Major is going to hit rock bottom before he just does the smarter thing and tell Liv (who, if she just eats someone strong could probably hold her own against Du Clark) what’s going on.
Elsewhere, Gilda continues to spy on Liv and even goes with her to Chad’s memorial party, and Du Clark continues to be the creepiest bad guy this show has offered yet. I’m not sure I understand his plan though. Is he just tracking everyone who has had Max Rager tainted with the bad Utopium and will have any future Max Rager products?

Finally, Blaine begins his attempt at moving up the drug world, trying to find out where exactly the tainted Utopium is coming from, which in turn will let him take out drug dealer competition. This plot point leads to two awesome reveals: the District Attorney is a zombie who has been asked by Blaine to go after the drug boss “Boss” for the death of four rich drug dealers (as we all know, campaigns like that lead to becoming mayor); and Blaine is still just as bad as he was last season.

Blaine turned his dad Angus (whom he blames for his mother’s suicide) into a zombie! Blaine also plans on taking over Dad’s company when he’s done ascending the crime boss ladder. How ambitious.

I can’t wait until Liv and Blaine have to work together to stop Du Clark because at least that will make for great plot advancement and character moments.

More importantly, Peyton will be back next week! Last season, her character served more as an afterthought because of Aly Milchalka’s other pilot. Since that show wasn’t picked up, Peyton will now be fully integrated into iZombie as the Assistant District Attorney who will also be in charge of the Utopium task force. I wonder how long it takes for her to figure out her boss is a zombie?
The episode isn’t bad, but seems to miss some of the spark that was so fun last season. The plot is either too dramatic or too comedic. The writers need to find a balance between the cases which lead to Liv’s personality changes, and the inevitable character distress that comes out living in a city filled with zombies.

Grade: B

Image courtesy of the CW


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