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iZombie: 1.13 “Blaine’s World” Season Finale Review

More graphic gore than usual this week.

This week’s episode starts off with Liv talking about how she absolutely, positively must get a cure ASAP because she is both a monster and disgusting for eating brains, even though she’s had the strongest moral compass of all the zombies so far. It almost seems like cheap writing to suddenly have her hating herself even with what happened last week.

Although, I do wonder if, like vampires, zombies can be “vegetarians.” Well, technically they would still be carnivores if they ate non-human animal brains, but they would also probably take on the animal’s personality. Perhaps this is something to ask the writers, along with why they didn’t interweave the Max Rager plot in with everything else better.

It turns out that Cameron killed Nate and Teresa because he wanted to take all the money from blackmailing Clark with the flash drive the teens had found in Sebastian’s pocket. Of course, Cameron gets arrested and that closes out the case of the teens who ran over a guy and then came back to life.

Unfortunately for Liv, and for season 2, Clark knows zombies exist because he got to see Sebastian in action before Liv stabbed him to death. Now, Clark’s goal is to make an energy drink that eliminates the need for sleep, and to do so, he hires a new scientist to isolate whatever’s causing the zombieism. As for the zombies themselves, Clark’s going after them all.

Clark makes for a great bad guy especially with what happens to Blaine at the end of the finale, and he could actually get Blaine and Liv together.

But first, the rest of the finale: Major blows up some zombies, Evan ends up at death’s door, there’s a new zombie, and two zombies are cured, one of which isn’t Liv.

While Liv, Clive, and Ravi had been investigating Teresa’s death, Major had been freezing in the meat locker, while Julian searched for the brains. Blaine even brings one of Major’s dead teens with his skull half open to scare Major into telling Blaine where the brains are. It’s yet another indication of just how far Blaine is willing to go to get back his braaaains, which he does indeed get, by calling Liv with Major’s phone.

Blaine’s absence, however, allows Major to escape to his car, grab his gun and then shoot his way through Meat Cute. It’s gross and intense, but completely effective and harkens back to like every zombie film ever made. Who would have thought that perfect model Major Lilywhite would have it in him to shoot all the zombies? Last but not least, a grenade blows up Julian, before Blaine stabs Major for causing so much property damage.

At least Major has enough strength to call for Liv after she shoots Blaine, who pontificates on how he’s holding off the zombie apocalypse.

To be fair, Blaine is right. If he dies and there’s no one to provide brains, the zombie apocalypse will truly begin. At the same time, if he’s alive but isn’t a zombie, then he can be taken in by the police, which is exactly why Liv uses one of two doses of the cure on him after his final villain speech, which includes telling Major that (spoiler alert!) his ex-fiancee is a zombie. Having Blaine be the one to tell Major the truth is almost perfect considering he’s also the one who caused Liv’s zombieism.

Then Major dies and Liv makes him a zombie too!!!

In a scene that is totally ridiculously out of character for Liv, she actually tells Major that now they can maybe be together. As to be expected, Major has nothing positive to say about her lies and decision to turn him into a zombie based on what she would have wanted.

It’s a relationship conversation that, while in this case about zombies, speaks to a lot of issues people have when making major life decisions that impact their significant other. At least Major will be able to understand Liv’s PTSD better? They both are going to need so much Ravi time next season.

Ultimately, Liv uses the only dose left from the cure on Major, which would have been a great place to end the season finale. But it wasn’t the end.

Instead, Lt. Suzuki goes through Meat Cute staging the restaurant like he had walked in on the employees doing something illegal and then blowing up the restaurant with him inside, just as Evan walked up to it. This resulted in the last scene of the episode with Liv telling the doctor she won’t donate blood to Evan.


Overall, this was a spectacular season finale solving some issues, while adding more for the next season and also allowing for an eventual cure for zombies, even if Liv doesn’t get to have it just yet.

My only main concern is the “can Liv and Major have a relationship without sex” question becoming really harmful because there are plenty of people in healthy loving relationships who don’t have sex, for example asexual people. In fact, I’m also worried that this could be taken as an (inappropriately written) parallel to couples where one member may be diagnosed with HIV.

Monster stories after all are allegories to real world issues.

Still, it’ll be super fun to see Liv and Blaine interact with Clark as their common enemy and to watch Clive trying to truly solve the case of the Meat Cute Massacre. At the same time, I do hope the writers figure out how to utilize Peyton’s character much better because the actress and the character deserve better. She’s supposed to be Liv’s other closest friend of six years and we only got to see her maybe five times? That makes very little sense.

All the finale needed was a little bit more of Ravi and it would have been perfect.

Grade: A+

Image courtesy of the CW


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