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iZombie: 1.12 “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat” Review

As Ravi continues tweaking a cure for zombieism after the cured Zombie rat dies, Liv and Clive investigate the death of a high school girl, Kimber, who, with stoned friends, had run over a man as he stumbled on the road. Kimber was then killed by said man after she and her friends buried him. The man ended up being Sebastian, a hired gun for Vaughn du Clark (Max Rager’s CEO) who was killed and unknowingly turned into a zombie by Liv in 1.10.

Major props to the costume and make-up department, by the way. It’s not every day that a guy who’s been drowned and cut up by a boat propeller, run over by a car, and then buried can still look distinguishable.

Liv is not pleased when she finds out that Kimber was killed by a zombie. Liv is also displeased after Major’s announcement (at the end of last week’s episode) that he’s going to kill all the zombies. At least cheerleader brain makes for a super peppy Liv, which is the complete opposite of her usual personality.

While Clive and Liv do their cop+ME routine heightened by Kimber’s boyfriend’s murder halfway through the episode, Major decides that his way into Meat Cute is as a health inspector, which will put him face to face with resident baddie Blaine and his zombie chef lady. Afterwards he decides to watch videos on how to kill zombies and buys all the guns and grenades! (I’m really not sure how he’s affording this newfound zombie hunting habit considering he still hasn’t found a new job!)

Until now I really haven’t talked about Blaine except in relation to being a brain dealer, but, as an audience member, I almost can’t help but appreciate how good David Anders is at being Blaine. His character could have been extremely campy. He is after all a zombie dealing brains to other zombies, but Anders seems to relish the lines he is given and delivers them with so much oomph that even his baddieness is fun to watch.

I also really appreciate, the writers’ ability to mix humor, drama, and romance all in one scene, like with Ravi asking Major for advice about going with Peyton to San Fran to tour the Vertigo (a horror film in the show) set. Though Ravi’s relationship with Peyton almost came out of nowhere and somehow progressed to a trip, it illuminates her character more as a defense attorney and Liv’s only other friend.

While Major continues his stake out by Meat Cute, Liv figures out that Sebastian is the zombie after Teresa, one of Kimber’s friends who had been in the car with Kimber, speaks to a sketch artist.

And in a move that surprises no one, Sebastian shows up at Liv’s apartment, drugs Peyton and begins one of the more epic zombie fights on the show yet. It ends with Liv stabbing Sebastian in the head and telling Peyton the truth about everything.

However, unlike Liv’s hallucination of Major staying and comforting her after learning the truth, Peyton leaves the apartment immediately.

I am so glad that Peyton was the first to find out, even if the fight is what caused it. As Liv’s best friend, it’s only right that she be the first to find out what caused all the changes in her and Liv’s life. However, she didn’t show up to meet Ravi for their trip, so I hope in the season finale, we get to see where she is at least.

Unfortunately for the characters, the episode doesn’t really end well. While Sebastian is dead, Liv is heartbroken that Peyton left, and Ravi is disappointed after Peyton didn’t show up for their trip. I bet Peyton thinks Ravi knows the truth since Liv mentioned going to work with Ravi for the brains.

As for Major, Meat Cute’s unnamed chef’s description of him is enough for Julian to find and bring him into Meat Cute. Blaine finally makes the connection and realizes that Major is the guy who “knows too much.” And while that happens, Liv’s brother walks into apply for a job at Meat Cute.

I hadn’t mentioned this in previous reviews, but early in the season, the plot point was introduced that her brother might apply for a job at Meat Cute, but then nothing happened for three or so episodes and I actually thought that plot point had just disappeared. I’m not sure if the writers had forgotten about the plot point, or planned his entrance into Meat Cute to coincide with Major’s abduction. Too bad Blaine puts Major in the meat fridge to hold him for questioning and Major can’t really tell Liv what’s going on.

Lastly, it may have been the fourth friend, Cameron, who killed Nate due to an unrelated issue, because at episode’s end, we see Teresa, who had gone to meet him, crawling in the hotel room to call 911 covered in blood.

This served as a superb penultimate episode of the season. All the plot points introduced throughout this season have culminated in an extremely heightened need for Liv to, as she puts it, “get [her] life back”, with Ravi as her number 1 cheerleader and currently her only best friend.

While I doubt that Blaine will actually die or that there will be a zombie cure—unless the show’s name is about to go through a change—I think that anything could happen and I’m super excited to see what the writers have in store for us, especially as I think that this was one of the best episodes all season.

Overall, the emotional beats were well placed. For example, Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli especially did and amazing job this episode between Liv’s teenager personalities and Ravi’s support of Liv and refusal to give up on a zombie cure. Even Sebastian who tears up as he explains that he killed his mother figure, Aunt Edna, felt deserving of sympathy.

But if Major doesn’t figure out that Liv is a zombie, I’m going to really rethink how I feel about his character. Yes, love can sometimes make it so that people don’t want to admit what’s right in front of them, but Major has figured almost everything out with only a hint from Scott E! So to think he still hasn’t made the “Liv is just as pale and blonde as Blaine” link yet is kind of unbelievable.

Grade: A+

Image courtesy of the CW


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