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iZombie: 1.11 “Astroburger” Review

As the show moves closer to the season finale, our characters too move forward. Major is inching closer to some revelation about the zombie problem in Seattle, while Ravi and Liv work towards dealing with Blaine. Clive is really the only person who by himself doesn’t have anything to work towards except maybe a surprise reveal that Liv is a zombie.

This week Liv and Clive investigate Major’s friend Scott E’s murder in Blooming Grove. Scott E is the same guy who told Major there were zombies, who also happened to witness the entire boat party where Liv was turned into a zombie and may have a video of said boat party.


If Major doesn’t find out that there are really zombies or that Liv is one by season’s end, I’ll be super surprised, especially with this being the first episode that directly puts Ravi, Liv, and Major in contact with zombie issues at the same time. It’s starting to get unbelievable that Major doesn’t make the connection between Blaine’s hair and skin with Liv’s, even if the zombies of color don’t look considerably different.

Worse is that Blaine got to the astronaut whose brains the rich zombie from 1.09 wanted and is selling meals with his brain at 250K a meal. Now that is some money!

Except when Blaine shows up to the morgue for a checkup, Liv makes the decision not to poison him knowing that bullets to Julian’s chest did nothing, so poison might not either. Of course, this makes complete sense for the plot and for Liv’s character, but, as an audience member, I keep waiting for the inevitable moment where something goes terribly wrong between Liv and Blaine.

That and Major continues to follow the zombie trail and gets in the trunk of Blaine’s car when he shows up to burn down Scott’s apartment, assuming the phone was still inside. Where does Major get out? In front of Meat Cute, and the next day he steals an entire shipment of brains.

(Major is a character that it took a long time for me to care about because, from the first few episodes, he was just the perfect guy who was oh so perfect and Liv just missed him so much.)

Now he’s actually doing more with his time than being just the ex-fiancé which gives him much more depth. Though I do wonder how he’s paying for an apartment without a job. I’m sure Ravi is kind enough to keep paying for the apartment while Major figures his life out, but there’s a level of reality that needs to be kept when portraying a character like this. Even in a show with zombies.

Elsewhere, Liv finds Scott’s phone and a whole lot of narcotics in a Blooming Grove orderlies’ home which leads to the explanation that Scott’s doctor killed Scott when he told the doctor to get an abortion after she got pregnant with his kid. Case closed!

But more importantly, Liv realizes that she had been hallucinating the weatherman, who had been helping her to find Scott’s phone, when she finally figures out the code for his phone. This in turn leads to the realization that earlier in the episode, when Major asked her why they couldn’t be together and she told him she was a zombie, she was in fact hallucinating. I knew the scene was too early!

If Liv actually did tell Major the truth this early in the show, the tension between her and Major would mostly disappear. Though it would make their lives easier and probably lead to a better plan to deal with Blaine. I also don’t think Liv will tell Major in the next episode either, even though the hallucination clearly shows that Liv is getting closer to being comfortable with telling him the truth. That and it’s clear Liv is hoping that when the inevitable moment comes, Major will react in a manner that will allow them to stay close friends and maybe become engaged again.

Yet none of that really matters because when the video finally plays, it’s of Liv eating a brain, followed by the actual Major knocking at the door with the brains from Meat Cute, an assertion that zombies are real, and that he’s going to kill them all.

But if opening the door to her ex-fiancé who was almost killed by a zombie and a bunch of brains from the zombie’s restaurant, doesn’t result in Liv telling Major what’s really going on in Seattle, and within her, I’m not sure what will.

Overall, the episode is a good one. This week’s case and the surrounding zombie drama explicitly sets up the characters for whatever final confrontations may occur because there are zombies everywhere.

It also allowed for some humor with Ravi and Peyton going on their date (assumably since we’re not sure if that was also a hallucination.) On the other hand, there were ableist moments in regards to people who truly have hallucinations with the CGI devils talking (that Scott was always afraid of.)

Finally, there may be hope (doubtfully) for a zombie cure because as Ravi narrates his findings into a recorder, he sees that zombie rat has turned brown again! Considering next week’s episode is titled “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat” the cure is probably not very certain, but does indicate that in the far future of the show, Liv Moore just may live more.

Grade: A-, and completely unnecessary ableism.

Image courtesy of the CW


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