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iZombie: 1.10 “Mr. Berserk” Review

Well, Lowell’s completely and absolutely not going to come back except maybe via flashbacks. Presumably, Lowell’s death will serve as a second call to action after the realization of where Blaine’s brains have been coming from and will lead to a confrontation between Liv and Blaine by this season’s end.

Especially because, when Liv goes to the police, Lt. Suzuki rules Lowell’s death a suicide.

How have both Liv and Ravi not made the connection between corruption in the department, Blaine’s brain business, and that there are probably zombie police?

Liv decides to push Lowell’s death and whatever is going on with the police department aside until she’s not feeling the effects of last episode’s sniper-PTSD-brains, so Liv helps herself to some brains while helping Clive investigate the murder of a reporter named Rebecca (Sunita Prasad), who was the reporter who exposed the Seattle PD’s reluctance to investigate the missing teens in episode 1.07 which, in turn, caused Major’s beating in jail.

Turns out that Rebecca was investigating an energy drink called Max Rager—which was introduced in episode 1.05 where the episodes Victim of the Week had been murdered because she had uncovered something shifty about the drink—and Rebecca had linked Max Rager to people having episodes where they would totally lose control and violently hurt and/or kill others.

Well, technically, the company was introduced in the pilot but very subtly since the boat party Liv was at was actually a Max Rager promotional event, and then in 1.07, Ravi theorized that zombies are created through the combination of an unlisted Max Rager ingredient and a bad batch of Utopium (the drug that Blaine was peddling at the boat party).

It’s not clear if Max Rager’s CEO is a zombie/knows about the true effects of the drink, but this is obviously all connected.

Unfortunately for Liv, Rebecca was also an alcoholic. Of all the brains to be ingesting after a traumatic event, an alcoholic’s probably isn’t the best because Liv’s behavior became even more erratic and even more not-in-line with her personality than usual.

Even Clive is concerned.

Again, I wonder if Clive is just trying to keep his distance from whatever ridiculousness may be causing Liv’s weekly personality quick-changes like the magic trick—a person goes behind a sheet and puts new clothes on—but in this case, Liv gets a new personality quirk each time.

Does Liv’s brain permanently change after each new brain she ingests or does she only hold onto certain quirks? It’s still not clear. Just like it isn’t clear if Rebecca’s brain will entice Liv to drink more in the future or turn her off alcohol forever.

I just want to understand the science behind it all!

Still, eating Rebecca’s brain (as usual) does help Liv to figure out that Rebecca was killed specifically because she has a company memo that the Max Rager drink could cause episodes of violence. However before she can talk to Clive about her findings, she gets kidnapped by the company’s hired gun and kill him before he dumps her over a boat. Except, and unknown to her, Liv’s punch must have drawn blood because the guy washes onto the shore as a zombie!

Elsewhere, Major moves away from the truth and now believes he must be seeing things once Clive alerts him that Julian is a-okay at the gym with no signs of three bullets to the chest. Major’s solution is to check himself into Blooming Grove, a mental health facility to get help. If only Ravi (who is Major’s first choice of people to notify), would explain to Major that he wasn’t seeing things and, in fact, had stumbled upon a zombie led conspiracy to eat teenaged brains.

Of course, Ravi does no such thing.

I understand, plot-wise, why Major’s still being kept in the dark, but Liv and Ravi are deliberately hiding things from Major that could keep him from making more mistakes or ruining his life more. Although Ravi does tell Liv they need to tell Major, her response is that, at least, Major’ll be safe for a few weeks, and even if they do tell him the truth, he might take more drastic action.

Which true but still not telling Major the truth!

Although Liv almost does tell Major what’s going on when he has to pick her up from a bar after a lot of drinking and takes her home before leaving the next morning for Blooming Grove where another guy believes Major’s story and tells him that Seattle has a zombie problem!

Granted, Liv had other things on her mind (besides being a drunk) after Lowell’s death and, once the case is solved, decides to let Ravi sign Lowell’s death certificate with “suicide” as the cause of death.

Additionally, Ravi only has one dose of the tainted drug that started the zombie outbreak to use in an attempt to create an antidote for zombie rat with, so everything is really looking bleak.

Oh, and Blaine is showing up to the morgue next week.


Grade: A but Major deserves the truth!

Image courtesy of the CW


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