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iZombie: 1.09 “Patriot Brains” Review

This week, Liv attempts to go after Blaine and kill him after ingesting the brains of murdered sniper-turned-paintball-instructor Everett, who was assassinated during a paintball game with a Big Brother, Big Sister league with the show’s version of Amazon’s drone delivery system called “U-Freight-Eze”.

All because Everett wouldn’t let his ex-wife Penny and new husband Sean to move away with Penny and Everett’s daughter. So Sean sent a drone while at a meeting and killed Everett. The things people will do for love? And, now I’m going to be terrified of Amazon drones forever. Not that I wasn’t already afraid of drones in general.

This episode doesn’t end well for anyone really besides Ravi—and, well, Blaine.

Even after talking with Lowell and explaining where the brains are actually coming from and then working with him to isolate Blaine so that Liv could shoot him using Everett’s sniper rifle, Liv can’t bring herself to kill him.

Which, character-wise, makes total sense. Liv isn’t a killer even on sniper!brains. And, plot-wise, it also makes sense, but as an audience member, I kind of wish Liv would have done it.

Not that the brain-dealing would just up and stop.

However, an ill-timed vision for Lowell of the teenager he and Liv last ate—and following up on his assertion that Liv deserves someone willing to fight—results in Lowell mouthing “I love you.” to Liv (the third time in the episode he tells her) and trying to stab Blaine with a fork.

And, receiving a bullet in the head for his troubles.

That same vision is what keys Liv into Blaine’s current job and that there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark—or, at least, in the Seattle PD.

And, unlike Blaine’s henchman the “Candyman”—who survived three shots to the chest after trying to kill Major in his house after hearing that Major was talking to his gym coach about brains—it’s looking bleak for Lowell.

Now, Clive thinks Major’s making everything up because Candyman’s body wasn’t where Major said it’d be, and Liv’s scream of grief at seeing Lowell shot was most definitely heard by Blaine.

Speaking of visions, the show is finally accelerating the Blaine’s A Brain-Dealer plot. A zombie of the 1%, Lawrence Kaizer is tired of eating dead teenagers and the resulting visions even in dishes as fancy as Motor Cortex Asada and Cerebellum Sashimi (grossly funny), so he wants Blaine to procure the brain of an astronaut.

I guess if you spend your entire life wanting to be an astronaut and couldn’t because of bad vision, you’d spend the money to get the brains of a dude that would allow you to at least see what it feels for one moment. I guess, it’s just like the human 1%: paying for whatever they want even if it’s terrible.

But, it speaks to the lengths the Seattle zombies, and Blaine, will go for their food and—in Kaizer’s case—no more depressing visions.

Which makes me wonder how many of the zombies actively don’t care that they’re eating homeless teenagers or how many are like Lowell—trying hard not to think about where his food is coming from.

I can understand why people loved him in Bradley James in Merlin so much. Lowell’s apology to Liv for being a coward and for eating the brains of the missing teens really highlighted his ability at portraying emotion

The one bright spot in the episode is that Ravi is not a zombie! Apparently zombieism doesn’t pass between different species, so the zombie rat is only a threat to others in the Genus Mus (but how far into the Order of Rodentia that extends is unclear right now).

Next week’s episode is going to be depressing now that Liv’s second chance at love is most likely dead.

Unless, he’s not, and zombies are not killable a second time? Or do they have to beheaded or something in this verse? All the questions!

Still, some other things were learned this week, like, that only white zombies go ridiculously pale. Asian zombies, who still go pale, are still visibly darker than Blaine, Lowell, or Liv are. What about dark-skinned zombies? The only one we’ve seen so far (and third of three lady zombies) hadn’t eaten any brains and had to be put down when she almost killed Ravi.

Liv really should invest in some tanner or risk giving it away to every zombie ever that she’s one of them.

Are there even more lady zombies? Or were Liv and her friend from the pilot—the only ones specifically zombie-fied at the boat party—the only ones? Because the third one, who first started Blaine on his brain-dealing, was also summarily killed by Blaine three episodes back.

I also wonder if Clive is incredibly gullible or doesn’t want to ask more questions than necessary even when Liv’s personality changes every week. The psychic excuse can only hold up for so long.

Lastly, it’s obvious that Major’s going to be around for a long time, but I’m assuming that, at some point, he’s going to get hurt much more than having a bruised and scarred face because, if Liv doesn’t figure out how to get him to stop focusing on the Candyman—especially after he “disappeared”—Liv might have another dead loved one on her hands.

With only three episodes left until the season finale (and since iZombie has been renewed, yay!), there’s only so much the writers can fit in these episodes until there’s some sort of resolution with Blaine.

At least, if he’s meant to be a One Season Baddie anyways.

Grade: A-

Image courtesy of the CW


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