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Insecure is Secured for Second Season-Watch the Trailer

Issa Rae’s Insecure is back for another season. If you missed the first, I suggest that you catch up- or she might write some scathing raps about you. 

To put it shortly, Insecure is like if Sex and the City, Girlfriends, and Awkward Black Girl (Issa’s original YouTube series that inspired the show) had a wonderful, fucked-up child. It also fills a really huge need of POC friendships on television that is simultaneously inclusive of maaany problems modern women face. 

Season 2’s trailer shows us bits and pieces of Issa slowly trying to break out of her awkward shell after breaking up with her season 1 boyfriend, Lawrence. I don’t blame her- he was kind of a dud, but now he might mean something more to her, perhaps…or she’s just looking for an easy way out.

Regardless, confidence is her main goal and I fully support her, as a fellow awkward black girl who just really needs a hug.

Check out the fly hairstyles, freestyles, and fashion styles in Insecure, coming July 23rd on HBO!


  • CJ

    Actress, Singer, Writer, and aspiring Jack of all trades. Surviving the insanity that is Florida for 20-something years. Cute but dangerous.


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