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Inhumans Tries To Be Shocking

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“The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon” is the 6th episode of Marvel’s The Inhumans.


The episode starts with Maximus having a nightmare that the Royal Family returns and it is suggested that he is responsible for Triton’s and his parents’ death.

On earth, Audrey says that Lockjaw’s wounds have swollen and that he needs rest, then tells Crystal that she should go home. Crystal and Audrey get into an agreement when she suggests Inhumans should be registered. She tries to take a picture of Crystal, but she sets fire to her phone. After Audrey leaves, Crystal admits to Dave she doesn’t know what else to do to find her family. Dave helps her come up with a plan to signal them with her powers.

In the jungle, Medusa wants to find Crystal. Louise mentions that when they all arrived on Earth, they created unique energy signals and that Crystal would have done the same. Louise goes off to do her calculations, and the Royal Family discuss their plan when they get back to Attilan. Black Bolt wants to kill Maximus, but Medusa believes they should take him alive. Louise returns’ saying Crystal is on the northern part of the island. Karnak notices that she has Locus’s communication device, which is buzzing. Medusa answers it. Auran is on the other end and is holding Declan and Sammy as prisoners at Declan’s lab. The group splits up: Karnak and Gorgon to rescue the humans, while Medusa, Black Bolt, and Louise find Crystal.

On Attilan, Maximus speaks to the group of Inhumans, lead by Bronaja’s father, Loyolis (Aaron Hendry), about their mission to Earth. The group is teleported to Earth by Eldrac (Moses Good). Tibor doesn’t think the citizens will like that Maximus sent miners to fight Black Bolt. Maximus states that the people love him and that whether the group lives or dies, it will still be in his favor. Bronaja overhears this last statement and is noticeably upset. Tibor plots with the Rebel Leader (Lee Minh Topping), declaring that Maximus must die.

Ugh, leave me alone to brood.

On the way to find Crystal, Black Bolt and Medusa argue about what to do about Maximus. Even though he hurt her, she wants to give him a fair trial. Medusa doesn’t want Black Bolt to do something he’ll regret.

Back on Attilan, Tibor informs Maximus that there is a conspiracy to kill him. At first, Maximus is hesitant to believe him, but Tibor convinces him and proposes that they use a control room to find the rebels and root them out. Maximus agrees, frustrated that he is always underestimated. In a flashback Maximus trains with Gorgon who is beating him. As Gorgon begins to walk away, Maximus hits him in the back with a fighting stick. Gorgon starts to retaliate, but Karnak stops him, trying to steady the situation and says that a sneak attack was cunning.

At Declan’s lab, Auran prepares the new group of Inhumans to fight. After they disperse, Auran notices her hand hasn’t healed from the explosion. Declan tells her that based on her DNA test her powers won’t work forever and that one day she will die. Auran says she doesn’t believe him.

Louise asks why Medusa why the Inhumans hide. She replies because humans fear what is different and would attack them. Louise comments that not all humans are like that. Suddenly they see lightning strike not far away, and Medusa realizes it’s Crystal.

Maximus wants Bronaja’s help to stop any revolt. Maximus grabs Bronaja’s wrist, and he has a vision of Maximus and Tibor talking. Maximus ask if there is anything to worry about, and Bronaja replies there isn’t. Maximus wants Bronaja with him when he meets Tibor.

Strike a pose.

Gorgon and Karnak approach Declan’s lab, only anticipating Auran, Mortis, and Flora. Karnak doesn’t know what to do, but Gorgon say’s that since Auran doesn’t know his powers aren’t working, they can use that against them. Gorgon cuts the power supply. Auran watches Karnak approach them, but doesn’t shoot him, believing it to be a trick. Karnak knocks out Flora. He then distracts Mordis while Gorgon sneaks up on him, and knocks him out. Gorgon and Karnak set Sammy free. Gorgon and Auran fight, with him beating her. Karnak releases Declan, who reveals that Maximus has been funding his research.

Crystal and Dave wait to see if the signal works. Crystal says she liked Earth more than she thought she would and they kiss. Medusa and the others arrive, and the sisters embrace. Crystal introduces Dave, saying he helped her. Louise remarks that this proves not all humans are bad. Medusa states that they need to get Lockjaw so that they can find Karnak and Gorgon, and then finally go home.

Back at the lab Mordis, scared to be locked away again, threatens to blow up the facility. Gorgon grabs him while the others run. Desperate to stop Mordis, Gorgon stomps, and the building collapses on them.

Back at Dave’s farm, Lockjaw is awake and chipper. Louise marvels at his size and states that she can’t wait for him to take them to the moon. Black Bolt shares a look with Medusa, who states that she will speak with Louise. Suddenly the police arrive and Dave goes outside to see what is happening. Audrey called the police about Lockjaw.

While Dave is outside, Medusa apologies to Louise, who says she understands. The Royal Family then teleport away, leaving Louise. When the police open to barn doors, Louise accuses Audrey of locking her in because she and Dave are dating.

Lockjaw teleports the group to Declan’s lab, which they find in ruins. Black Bolt finds Mordis’s mask and Karnak over Gorgon’s dead body.

Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted.

On Attilan, Maximus has the rebels surrounded. Tibor says Maximus will fail and Maximus cuts his throat. Maximus asks Bronaja’s why he lied to him and begs Bronaja to trust him, commanding him to say, ‘Long live King Maximus.’


Based on the title of this episode ‘The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon’ I thought this one would have focused on him. Maybe that was the intention, but it certainly didn’t feel that way, which is an insult to the character and Eme Ikwuakor, especially with how the episode ended. If any characters were the focal point of this episode, it would Crystal and Maximus. While Maximus’s storyline featured some interesting points, Crystal’s did not.

I love staring into your dead eyes.

Crystal is by far the weakest link in terms of both character and plot. While it’s hard to relate to most characters on the show, Crystal has to be the worse offender. She is whiny, entitled teenager, with a forced romantic subplot, and that’s about it. Her big character revelation is that she discovers she likes Earth. It’s frustrating because there is groundwork for Crystal to have a more interesting arc.

There is a moment at the beginning of the episode where Crystal fights with Audrey about Lockjaw’s health, with Crystal rebuffing Audrey’s claims that he needs rest. Once Audrey leaves, Crystal actually admits that she was right about Lockjaw. Now, here’s a situation that we can all relate to. We’ve all had moments, especially as teenagers, where we don’t want to admit that we are wrong. If only the writers had decided to let Crystal develop from this. Sheltered, privileged teen has to learn the harsh realties of the real world and finally grows up. Bam, character arc right there. Instead, she gets an underdeveloped romance with Dave, the most basic white boy, with whom she shares no chemistry. It doesn’t help that Isabelle Cornish rarely shows any emotion, often with deadpan line delivery.

Maximus finally cracked, which a part of me reveled in, yet ultimately it felt forced. Iwan Rheon knows how to bring nuance to a character, but even he couldn’t have saved this butchered plot. It was only last episode that Tibor was informed of a rebel group. Then suddenly this week, it seems like he is charge, demanding that Maximus needs to die. I’m getting whiplash from how quickly characters change motivations in this show. There was a moment where I thought Tibor might have been playing the rebels, but then I remembered what show I was watching. Which brings me to that end scene, which was a mess.

First, there was no build up, no tension surrounding whether Tibor was a traitor or what Maximus was going to do. This makes me come to the conclusion that something was cut from this scene. It just started so abruptly there’s no way there wasn’t. Secondly, as I stated before about other supporting characters, Tibor is little more than a plot device, in this instance, to show how mad with power Maximus has become. Third, whoa, was that death graphic. I know there are more graphic shows about there, and I’m generally not squeamish, but for a show that’s not on cable, I was not expecting the camera to linger for so long on Maximus cutting Tibor’s throat.


Even though Gorgon didn’t get the screen time he deserved this episode, his interactions with Karnak were a highlight. I didn’t hate the flashback in this episode. There was a lot conveyed about the characters’ personalities without saying much. If this had been a scene in the first episode, it would have given a better impression of the characters than what we got. Karnak and Gorgon have a true sense of companionship between them and their ability to work together to benefit not only each other but also the whole group, shows the depth of their devotions. When Gorgon convinces Karnak that is he can use his broken ability to his advantage, in deciding to use his brains and not just be impulsive, it felt like the first time a character truly developed in the whole season. It was a genuine moment, which is why it was such a disappointment when Gorgon died because that truly was unearned.

It also clear that his death is meant to motivate Black Bolt, who has been on the fence this episode on how to handle Maximus and take back his throne. Of course, all the Royal Family is affected by his death, but the camera holds on Black Bolt’s face, slowly zooming in. In film language, this is a clear indication of whose emotions are the most important in the scene. Marvel has made progression in representing black, male superheroes. Luke Cage and Black Panther, both leads in they’re own mediums, are proof of that. Which is why Gorgon’s death is such a step back. Gorgon’s death falls into the tired trope of killing off the minority to feed the white leads motivations. It just like when Locus, played by Japanese actress, Sumire Matsubara, was killed last week. Both deaths were unwarranted except to fuel Black Bolt’s man pain. It’s a lazy attempt to provoke emotion and show how serious the show is. Frankly, I’m scared that with Auran’s revelation that her powers are wearing off, that she might share the same fate.

Last, I would just like to make a general statement about the laziness of the writing in this episode. It was there before in previous episodes, but the script was so clichéd that I was saying some lines along with the characters before they even finished what their sentence. I mean, how many times have you heard someone in the movies or television say, ‘I’m not afraid of you.’ to which the other person says, ‘You should be.’ And, let’s not pretend Audrey’s treatment of Crystal was any kind metaphor for bigotry when it was all centered on a plot about two white girls fighting for a man’s affection. Also, if Triton hadn’t been brought up this episode, I would have completely forgotten about him. Where is he?

So, that was episode 6. I can’t say surprised that the series went in the direction with some its characters, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less disappointed. Minorities deserved to be represented in media without fear of being sacrificed for white characters, and writers need to realize that. I hope Eme Ikwuakor finds work more worth his time and talent. Only two episodes left in the season, so until next week, stay awesome.

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