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Inhumans Lets Its Best Characters Shine

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“Make Way for…Medusa” is the 4th episode of Marvel’s The Inhumans. We’re officially halfway through the season, so let’s see if things finally get interesting.


Having escaped from jail, Black Bolt and Sammy are flown to safety by Dr. Evan Declan. Declan explains that he is a geneticist and request to take Black Bolt and Sammy to a lab he has set up on Ohao. They are understandable concerned. Declan reassures them that they will be free to leave whenever they want. He says he would like to help them understand their gifts and that he wants to understand their genetic codes. Black Bolt explains (with Sammy’s help) that he is looking for his wife. Declan says he will help Black Bolt find her.

Meanwhile, Louise and Medusa are following the helicopter by car. Determined not to lose the helicopter, Medusa forces Louise to drive faster. She ends up running a red-light, which causes the police to tail them.

On Attilan, Maximus walks with Tibor (Ptolemy Slocum), a former friend now on the Genetic Council. Tibor commends Maximus for handling the situation with Crystal, stating he doesn’t know if he could handle it if his family disgraced him like that. Maximus confronts Tibor about how he has accepted the fate that the caste system gave him and how he, like everyone else, abandoned him after he turned human from his Terrigenesis. Tibor says he is Maximus’s friend, and Maximus states for how long.

On Earth, Medusa and Louise are now being chased in high pursuit by two police cars. Medusa shoots at the police cars, and they manage to evade arrest, but unfortunately, they lose the helicopter. Elsewhere on the island Crystal confronts Dave, the man who ran over Lockjaw. Dave is shocked by Lockjaw’s size. When he tries to approach them, Crystal knocks him over with her powers. Crystal says Lockjaw needs a doctor, and Dave tells her he has a friend who is a vet.

Louise asks Medusa where she is from. When she looks at the moon, Louise puts two-and-two together, and asks if she lives up there. Medusa tells her a whole city lives up there. Louise is awe-struck, and Medusa explains how she is looking for her family so that they all can return home. Louise says she has an idea.

At Declan’s lab he explains to Black Bolt how his genetic make-up have formed his abilities. Black Bolt asks where Medusa is, Declan promises again that he will find her. Declan goes outside to make a call and tells the person on the other end that he has made amazing discovery. The other person is revealed to be Maximus, but Declan doesn’t appear to know his true identity. Maximus wants Declan to kill Black Bolt. Declan refuses saying that Black Bolt’s genetics could be the key to what makes one capable of change, which intrigues Maximus.

Hey girl, wanna grow grass and chill.

Karnak helps at the pot farm by taping into a stream that will help increase plant growth. Karnak and Jen (Jamie Gray Hyder) begin to bond, while Reno (Michael Trotter) expresses his concerns of bringing in an outsider to Ted (Jeff Juett). Gorgon is angry at himself for letting the surfers fight with him, especially with one of them now died. Holo (Ty Quiamboa) tells Gorgon not to blame himself. Gorgon explains he never thought he would care about a human and that with Auran and the other Inhumans hunting them, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Hopeful, Holo says they still have a chance. Auran and her team continue to hunt Gorgon. Locus, an Inhuman with Echolocation (Sumire Matsubara), uses her powers to track him.

Medusa and Louise are now hiding out in a motel room. Louise is using Callisto’s satellites to try and locate Declan’s helicopter. Impatient, Medusa beginnings going through Louise’s things, and finds a small replica of a NASA spacecraft. Louise tells her to put it down. Louise asks more about Medusa’s life and Medusa snaps, saying she just wants to find her husband. Louise jokingly replies that’s whatever person wants, indicating her being single. Medusa asks if she’s never been married, and Louise replies no, but being alone isn’t too bad. This reminds Medusa of when she was young and had to take care of her sister all by herself. Medusa then looks out the window to see cops arriving. Louise deduces that they tracked her by her credit card.

I love you, but if you don’t get off my back.

Back on Attilan Maximus holds a meeting with the Genetic Council to discuss the possibility of going through Terrigenesis again. The Genetic Council rules against the experimentation for fear that it could be fatal. Maximus ask Tibor to prove his loyalty to him.

On Earth, Black Bolt search’s for Medusa in Declan’s system to no avail. At the motel the cops are closing in on Medusa and Louise, but they manage to escape. Crystal is now on Dave’s farm when Audrey, Dave’s vet friend show’s up. There’s some hostility between her and Dave, when Crystal asks about it, they explain that they use date. Audrey is also understandably taken aback by Lockjaw’s size, but still examines him and asses that he will be fine after some rest.

Medusa and Louise grab a bite to eat, while still trying to track the helicopter. Louise finally is able to locate it. Louise steps away for a moments and Medusa disappears with her laptop. Auran and her team are still in pursuit of Gorgon. She contacts Maximus who tells her where Black Bolt is, informing her that they can’t kill him yet. Karnak and Jen take a walk to a secluded beach. Jen tries to teach him about living in the moment and they end up sharing a kiss. Reno looks on from a distance with jealousy.

The power a sexy, swimming times. Oh yeah!

Louise manages to find Medusa, and the two fight. Medusa ends up mocking Louise’s little rocket, which offends her because it contains the ashes of her father who was a scientist at NASA who dreamed of going to the moon. Medusa argues that her father reminds her of her parent’s and they’re hopeless ideals. In a flashback it is revealed Medusa’s parents were banished for trying to over throw the queen and king. Louise says that she has broken more laws for Medusa than she ever has in her life and that she is not quitting now. Medusa smiles and says she likes her. They drive off to find Black Bolt.

In the Jungle, Gorgon splits off from his surfer friends to retrace his steps in order to find Karnak. At Dave’s farm, Crystal thanks Dave for helping Lockjaw and he teaches her how to high-five. Back at the pot farm, Jen ask Reno where Ted is. He says he went into town. She and Karnak then go into her tent.

Maximus has Tibor calls the Genetic Council for a meeting. After they assemble they are ambushed by the Royal Guards, with Maximus having them banished. He hopes with them removed, to move forward with Terragenesis and help his people, and himself, evolve. At the lab Black Bolt finds poison, and Sammy wonders if it has been used on anyone else. They decided to leave, but run into Auran. She summons Mordis, but Black Bolt breaks a gas tank, which will kill all of them if Mordis uses his heat vision.

I love you…I think.

Medusa and Louise arrive just in time. Mordis accidentally blows up the gas tank, throwing Auran and her team, rendering them unconscious. Medusa and Black Bolt finally reunite. As they prepare to leave, Medusa notices Locus, and states that she can help them find the rest of the Royal Family. They drive off with Locus just as Mordis begins to regain conscious.

In the end credits scene, Karnak and Jen are having sex in her tent. Outside, it is shown that Reno has killed Ted.


Sigh. I hate that we’re only four episodes into Inhumans and I can already tell I’m going to sound repetitive, but I believe that’s what happens with a show that has very little to offer. That’s not to say that things don’t happen, they do. It just that most of the characters, with a few exceptions, are really boring. And shallow. Let’s start off with the highlight before I trek into familiar territory.

This week’s episode focused mainly on Medusa and her journey with Louise to find Black Bolt. Though initially hostile towards each other, Medusa and Louise banter, slowly opening up to one another until they reach a place of understanding, and a blooming friendship emerges. All this, despite their relationship starting off with what can only be called kidnapping, Through her interactions with Louise, Medusa is given some much needed development and humanization. Louise continues to prove to be a more interesting character than any we’ve met so far.

If only the show had centered more around her from the beginning…


Louise brings such a child like wonder (she gleefully states in the episode that this is the best day of her life) to meeting Medusa that she’s the perfect counter balance to an otherwise overly serious group of characters. Ellen Woglom manages to deliver an energetic performance without over acting, which is testament to her talent. The chemistry she shares with Serinda Swan is so effortless and compelling. Dare I say more interesting than any scene she’s had with Anson Mount.

Also, I just love when two women can just get along and be friends (maybe more). There’s this horrible trope in media when women interact with one another and their relationship leans towards ‘women are catting.’ I wouldn’t mind it if there was a positive relationship to counter it, but often times, there isn’t. I just like it when women can be nice to one another. Call me crazy.

Maximus continues to be a compelling villain, with which the main plot revolves around. Each episode shows him growing more desperate in his goal of acceptance and explanation to why he his the way he is. I can only hope we’re building up to a huge melt down. As much as I appreciate Iwan Rheon’s stoic performance, Maximus is clearly holding in some rage. Just let it out man. Just let it out.

Oh, his gonna crack like walnut.

His interactions with Tibor bring me to a huge problem with the show: character relationships and development. Clearly by the actors’ performances and dialogue, Maximus and Tibor were meant to have this complex history. The audience should feel something when Maximus goads him into eliminating the Genetic Council. Yet my reaction was: who is this guy and why should I care that he helps Maximus?

I would like the point out that in general, this show has an issue of introducing supporting characters. I couldn’t tell you the name of half of these characters without having to look them up, or tell you anything about their personalities beside how they are suppose to benefit the main characters. The big question is always, why? These surfers seemed prepared to sacrifice themselves for Gorgon, but why? Jen, the friendly pot farmer, wants to help Karnak open up, but why? Same for Dave, who is being set up as a love interest for Crystal.

Clearly, for most of the Royal Family, their interactions with human characters are meant to humanize them. Yet, their development is so rushed and shallow, nothing feels genuine. Half of the time it feels like the writers didn’t know what to do with them. They are just there to fill in time between the actual plot.

Black Bolt’s storyline with Dr. Declan faired a little better, although Sammy’s usefulness seems to be used up from last episode. We now understand why Dr. Declan is helping Black Bolt, and how his genetics play into Maximus’s plot. Aside from that, Black Bolt doesn’t have much more to do than scowl.

Once again, it is just made blatantly obvious how this show does not have the budget for visual effects it desperately needs. I’ve said this before, but the characters are deliberately put in situations where they do not need to use their powers. How convenient that Lockjaw or Mordis got knocked out this episode.

Overall, the show has slowly grown from the premiere, giving at least three interesting characters. But since we’re already half way through the season, there is little hope for anything miraculous happening. Inhumans might have fared better had it had better focus, but ultimately it’s trying too hard, while simultaneously doing very little. Maybe when the characters finally regroup the show will take a step forward. Until next time, stay awesome.

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