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Indian-American Actress To Take Flight As The Greatest American Hero

Believe it or not, ABC and Fox Studios are taking a big step forward with their upcoming remake of 1980’s cult dramedy The Greatest American Hero. The role of the titular hero, white in the original series, will instead be portrayed by an Indian-American actress, as reported by Deadline.

The main character of the reboot will be a 30-year-old Desi woman living in Cleveland, Neera, who is stuck in a tequila and karaoke fueled rut. Much like the original series, she will be given a red super suit by aliens. Using the broad array of powers given to her by the suit, she will do the best she can to protect the world.

The original series ran from 1981-1983 on ABC and starred William Katt as Ralph Hinkley, the man charged with the powerful suit. After losing the suit’s instruction booklet on first use, Hinkley spent each episode trying to figure out how the suit worked. He was followed in his reluctant quest for justice by FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) and lawyer Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca.)

This will be ABC’s third attempt in three years to reboot the series, and it follows a 2008 comic adaptation and a 1986 pilot for sequel series The Greatest American Heroine. It is being created by Rachna Fruchbom (Parks & Recreation, Fresh Off The Boat) and Nahnathka Khan (Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 13, Fresh Off The Boat.) Fruchbom will also write the pilot. The two will produce along with Mandy Summers and Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of original series creator Steven J. Cannell.

Image courtesy of ABC


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