Thursday, March 23, 2023

New Edition of ‘Hunter: The Reckoning’ Announced By Renegade Games

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You saw what you shouldn’t have, the veil pulled back from the secret world and the monsters who prowl it. You chronicled the tragedies they wrought, these monsters, and the victims upon whom they preyed. You grasped the extent of their influence and witnessed the corruption of the organizations formed to keep them in check. And you vowed to do something about it. Tonight, you act. It’s time for a Reckoning.

In Hunter: The Reckoning, players take on the role of mere mortal humans instead of the fantastic Vampires of Vampire: The Masquerade. They’ve stumbled across something that’s alerted them to the world that hides just beneath the surface, and they feel compelled to try and make a difference.

Hunter: The Reckoning Book

The Hunter: The Reckoning Core Rulebook contains everything needed to create your Hunter and play, or to run a game where your players take on the encroaching darkness, driven to make a difference. The world is a scary place,  but there are people out there trying to help.

Hunter: The Reckoning Book dice


  • Hardback full color book with ribbon bookmark
  • Introduces the Hunters of the World of Darkness for 5th Edition
  • Features chapters on character creation, supernatural threats, and rival organizations

In addition to the core book, we’ve got two very useful accessories to share as well! First up, the Hunter: The Reckoning Dice Set! With 10 custom orange d10s and 5 custom black Desperation dice, this will cover all your rolling needs while taking down terrors in the night.

Hunter: The Reckoning Book journal cover

Second, if you want a character sheet as awesome as that character concept you’ve been cooking up, the Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal is what you’ll need. This hardcover, foil-stamped journal is packed with character-building prompts, history pages, and an expanded character sheet, plus plenty of room for you to keep track of your allies, enemies, and adventures!

Images via Renegade Games

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