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IDW Shares New Variants For ‘The Hunger And The Dusk’ By Artist Cliff Chiang


Last month IDW announced The Hunger & The Dusk, a new epic fantasy series from G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy) and Chris Wildgoose (Batgirl: Rebirth, Batman: Nightwalker). Debuting in July, Wilson’s self-proclaimed dream project is a high fantasy tour de force promising heartrending drama, pulse-quickening romance, awe-inspiring world-building, and bloody carnage to satisfy every manner of genre fan!

Now, IDW is sharing the unique variant cover program for the entire series. Each issue’s Cover B will spotlight the sensational art of Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Paper Girls),creating a series of 12 collectible covers in all. Plus, special Chiang “Gold” variants will be available as a 1:100 incentive on The Hunger & The Dusk #1, and as a 1:50 incentive on #2-12.

The Hunger & The Dusk is such a bold and ambitious book, offering rousing fantasy with elegant depth as humans and orcs try to survive a broken and dying world,” said Chiang when asked about the series.“This is sword and sorcery with a modern eye, and I wanted to lean into those special qualities while giving it a striking and memorable design. It’s been a real thrill to create these covers and celebrate the brilliance of the stories within.”

“Early on when starting The Hunger & The Dusk we talked about who to ask on board for variant covers for the series and we all instantly glued together over the idea of Cliff Chiang,” said series artist Chris Wildgoose. “Cliff is a genuine personal art hero of mine, so hearing that he was on board the Orc romance train with us and for a whole series of covers…the news made my heart skip a beat. The honor of having Cliff on this is all mine. I’m going to get his set of cover art pieces printed for my own studio wall for sure!”

In addition to Chiang’s B and RI “Gold” variants, each issue of And series artist Chris Wildgoose could not be more thrilled to have Cliff be a part of this project. will be available with multiple covers for fans and retailers to enjoy. Cover A will feature series artist Chris Wildgoose and rotating contributors will grace each Cover C month to month, with InHyuk Lee (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, The Flash), Nick Robles (The Dreaming: Waking Hours), and Jessica Fong (Poison Ivy) assuming cover art duties for the first three issues, respectively.

​Final order cut off for this series is MONDAY MAY 29TH. #HotOrcSummer is coming…

Images via IDW Publishing

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