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HTGAWM Season 2 Premiere Review: Who Killed Rebecca?

When we last left Annalise and company; a lot of things happened and Rebecca ended up dead.

The episode picks up ten days later with Annalise telling her students to get their act together and stay under the radar after Wes shows up late to class and snaps at her! If anyone should be annoyed, it’s Annalise considering she found a dead person in her home!

In fact, she tells Frank outright, when he mentions Wes searching for Jane Doe’s online, that she won’t be mad if he killed her. She’ll just be mad if he lied about it. Okay, Annalise. That’s cool. You don’t like innocent people getting murdered but if it was Frank you’d understand? There’s something going on there and I can’t wait for the backstory reveal on their and Bonnie’s relationships.

Annalise ultimately invites Wes to dinner to figure out if he killed Rebecca, essentially calm him down, and keep an eye on him since he keeps making Frank think he’s guilty; although, Frank also thinks it’s Laurel because her dad is super shady. Yet another breadcrumb of the backstory trail.

That’s not all, however, because Nate is still in prison and the lawyer that he called is actually Annalise’s old college friend Eve (portrayed by the wonderful Famke Jansen) who, at first, won’t take the case when she finds out that Annalise framed Nate. Of course the two have history and it turns out that Eve and Annalise were together in college before Annalise left Eve for Sam! They even make out in present time!

How amazing is this show and the writers? They willingly wrote Annalise Keating as having been in a committed relationship with a woman before she left Eve for Sam. This show may not be the best written or the easiest to watch, but it is an earth-shattering and spectacular breakthrough when it comes to diversity and representation of characters, even unlikeable ones. Annalise may be bi, she may be pan, but whatever she is, she’s definitely not straight.

Of course, there is a case of the week that is actually case of the week(s) as this case spans at least two more episodes. Annalise and co. work on becoming representatives for an adopted (Black) brother and (Japanese) sister pair (who are probably together because their interactions are iffy) Caleb and Catherine Hapstell. They have been accused of torturing and killing their rich white adoptive parents. If A and co. can do that, they all get to show off their lawyer skills by actually getting the siblings freed.

So Annalise has the time-stamp changed on a surveillance video to invalidate the aunt’s testimony that she saw the siblings leaving the crime scene and thus invalidating the original defense attorney. Too bad the aunt ends up dead.

To celebrate getting the clients, and to destress after that last semester of hell, Annalise takes the quartet clubbing in the greatest outfit ever and dances with Wes!

Other tidbits: Connor moved in with Oliver and they’re making a go of their relationship and they even talk about Connor being on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PreP) which shows that Connor is not the actual worst– though he can be at times. It also suggests that Oliver’s HIV diagnosis will be treated realistically and respectfully, plus a PreP shout-out on network television is humongous.

Laurel and Michaela fought because Laurel had hidden Michaela’s engagement ring for so long but at episode’s end dance together at the club. Though Connor siding with Michaela in that fight gives me hope that they might become friends which would be awesome.

Michaela also texts the person that Rebecca had texted eggs 911 to in the basement, and receives a yet to be read response! Bonnie wants more of Asher but he’s not having it because he’s afraid he’ll tell her that the prosecutor on Nate’s case is blackmailing him. As always, none of this is going to end well.

Finally, it’s revealed that Bonnie killed Rebecca in an attempt to stop all the ridiculousness ostensibly to keep Annalise out of trouble. Annalise calls Bonnie a monster in response considering everything really was for Sam. Truer words have never been spoken!

I love Annalise’s sense of right and wrong because, no matter what happens, she’s not okay with innocent people being murdered but she’s also not going to turn Bonnie in, so now what?

Too bad her internal justice scales are not a bulletproof vest because in two months’ time, she gets shot in her client’s home! Oh and Wes is seen running away from the house and in the following promo, running to at least Laurel and Connor in yet another set of woods? Oy, not again… Of course, Annalise isn’t going to die, but now there’s just so much to speculate about especially considering just how many twists and turns occur.

This episode served as a superbly written premiere that I actually really enjoyed compared to my quite tumultuous relationship with the show last season. And whether the siblings killed their parents or not, there’s obviously a lot being set up regarding transracial adoptions and being adopted into a rich family versus being born into one.

Now if only I could get the writers to ease up on just how many flash forwards and backs that they have per episode.

Grade: A-

Image courtesy of ABC


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