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Hearts Beat Loud Trailer Drops

If you’ve been noticing a distinct lack of Nick Offerman in your life since Parks and Recreation went off the air, fear not. Or, conversely, if you’re still smarting that Keirsey Clemmons’ scenes from Justice League were cut, there’s a better alternative. Offerman and Clemmons star as father and daughter in Hearts Beat Loud. Bowing at the Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year, this indie charmer gets its shot at a select wider release this summer.

The movie stars Offerman as Frank, a widower, single dad, and music lover who can’t quite grasp that his golden era is behind him. The rent on his record store is increasing, even though his landlord (Toni Collette) held off on raising it for as long as she could. His neighborhood is giving way to millennials, and worse, his daughter Sam (Clemmons) is going off to college with med school dreams at the end of the summer.

Frank and Sam connect through music, including a single Frank secretly uploads to iTunes, which has a surprising amount of success. But there’s still a college deadline, and Sam is ready to grow up on her own path (and maybe with a girlfriend (American Honey’s Sasha Lane) in tow?). Obviously we’ll have to watch the movie to see how this father and daughter relationship evolves, but it’s delightful to see Offerman on screen again, and Clemmons gets to provide her own vocals to the movie’s songs. Plus LGBTQ rep to boot! Okay, and an appearance by Ted Danson is in the cards.

Hearts Beat Loud is directed by Brett Haley, and releases in select theaters on June 8th.

Image courtesy of Gunpowder & Sky


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