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The Halloween Trailer is a Lovely Homage to the Classic

Wow, that trailer. Let me just say that it’s been a quite long time since a trailer gave me both chills and anxiety both at the same time. As a self-proclaimed horror movie buff, I have a deep love for the slasher scene that came out of the late 70’s to the early 80’s. This includes well-known classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm St. Though true horror aficionados will no doubt praise the B movie scene a lot more, I love all of it. Yet standing at the top of these great and enjoyable blood fests, 1978’s Halloween is without a doubt my all-time favorite. Do I seem excited about this reboot? Of course I do! The original set itself so far apart anything done before by not only blending the stalker and slasher element of the horror genre, but completely paralyzed us with the fear of the “this could really happen”, theme.

But let’s get into the flesh of it so to speak. Now I love most of the Halloween sequels, no matter how terribly they were received by some. The second, fourth, fifth, and H20 were very enjoyable and a staple of horror movie history. Yet, what makes this outing so different from the rest of the series is that it will be completely ignoring every other movie save the original. This means no record body count, no Jaime Lloyd, and no PTSD stricken Laurie Strode. On a more ambiguous note this also means no revelation that Michael was Laurie’s older brother, but more on that in a bit.

While Halloween: 20 Years Later or H20, was one of the better modern sequels or reboots, we saw a very traumatically challenged Laurie Strode doing the best to live her life with the fear of Michael’s shade constantly looming behind her. With her overbearing protectiveness of her son, her drinking problem, and her inability to form a normal relationship it was refreshing to see her conquer her fears and her brother by the end of the film. This trailer, however, showcases a much different Laurie Strode. In this film, it would seem that we will see a preparedness in her that borders on the obsessive. It’s mentioned by her granddaughter as well as shown in the form of her gun proficiency, words of mouth, and overall similarities with Dr. Sam Loomis.

The homage to the original film don’t end here either, the trailer is literally filled with them. From the dead mechanic post-Michael’s escape and the way the children stop at the sight of him to the white sheet ghost and the wandering patients upon his escape; this is nothing but pure respect to the beloved classic. The continuity with the first movie is just so on point and detailed to very fine print as we even see the scar on Jamie Curtis’ arm from the slash Michael gave her in the original film. Let also hope that new closet scene was just as horrifying as the original.

Now one thing that was a little murky, and this is just me trying to find some kind of flaw from this was the fact that if they’re ignoring the films set after the first then how does the rumor exist that Michael is Laurie’s brother? Surely Loomis would have either told Laurie himself or the information would have leaked from somewhere. So that’s not really a huge deal when you think about it. The other question is how was Michael re-incarcerated. One of the biggest moments of the original was when Loomis finally caught up to Michael, saving Laurie and emptying his gun on him. As the screen moves away from Michael and then returns, suddenly he’s gone, leaving us with the real fear that the boogeyman is real. There’s obviously going to have to be some sort of explanation but like the first point, I’m sure there will be.

Either way, this looks like it’s going to be a fantastic film. The return of Jamie Curtis as her debut role in acting plus having John Carpenter on board is a plus. As for the writer and directors, Danny Mcbride and David Gordon Green, we’ve seen comedians attempt horror so I have some faith that we’ll get something of great quality. Especially after John Carpenter’s praise. If the man loves it then I think so will I and I cannot wait to return to Haddonfield this Halloween!

Image courtesy of Miramax


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