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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 To Be Last Ride For Current Lineup

Following the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel Vol. 2, questions have arisen as to the future of the Guardians past the final film in their trilogy Vol. 3. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter,  Guardians director and driving creative force behind the team James Gunn has shed some light on the future.

Acknowledging the role of the team in upcoming MCU projects, Gunn is confident in the direction the current team is headed. He did confirm that following Vol. 3, the current iteration of the team will end. Whether that means a complete replacement or a simple change in the lineup remains to be seen. It’s not as easy to introduce new characters into the movies, Gunn has admitted, thanks to the strange and complex origins of many of the team’s characters.

The Guardians have a long history to draw on, with their first iteration appearing in 1969, six years after the first appearance of The Avengers. Always a cult classic at best, Marvel fans were shocked when the announcement came down that the team would be adapted to film. But the humor, charm, and 70’s soundtrack won over the movie going public, making Guardians one of the MCU’s flagship franchises. Vol. 2 earned over $150 million in its opening weekend alone.

Thanks to the exposure of the films, characters like Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora have become as omnipresent as Captain America or Iron Man. But how will the team fare without its sassy raccoon or Chris Pratt’s well-crafted chin? Some point to the Ravagers, a team that made a brief appearance in Vol. 2  and drew heavy inspiration from the teams of the past. The addition of Adam Warlock, a major player in many Thanos storylines in the comics, to the universe has done nothing to quell speculation.

While no date has been set for Vol. 3, The Guardians will ride again in Avengers: Infinity War releasing to theaters in 2018.

Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

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