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GoT Releases a 2nd Trailer and Dragon Teeth Takeover Twitter

I hope you’re sitting down. Truly. Not sitting down like people did in the teaser trailer we got for Game of Thrones Season 7, nor sitting on the edge of your seat like you assuredly were during the first full trailer. Because my friends, in the most unpredictable marketing move to date, we got a SECOND TRAILER!

To be perfectly fair, this one is actually better in its construction. I can’t say it makes me feel any differently about the show (or feel any emotion at all, for that matter) but it is a lot prettier to look at, and for those who are down for some good “turn your brain off and enjoy the action” kind of entertainment, there were plenty of promising scenes. Or maybe it’s just because I got a good night of sleep last night so this struck me right? I will admit to some ironic enjoyment at the “blowing up King’s Landing” theme as their choice, but that might be my own fault.

Let’s see how you feel:

Well, now that you’ve soaked in every minute, it’s time to talk about all the nuance. Which… Oh crap, how does anyone write one of these?


I actually am going to knock that spinner over to Bran, because the one thing that made me click back to rewatch (which is RARE) was the shot of him in a wheelchair in what looks like Winterfell to me. Perhaps more curious, but I think Max Von Sydow’s head was in view? Or was it just some other old dude. Either way, I’m rooting for a touching vision-world reunion between those two.

It’s also striking that Sansa™ opened and closed the trailer. Given their treatment of her character, that is cause for commentary. They’re very attached to that shot of a sneaking Littlefinger Batfinger, so I guess the tension he’s blathering about at the start is something that will play out. However, it amuses me more to think of him going on and on about how she should totes fight to be Queen in the North (which does make slight sense if Bran hasn’t reappeared yet), and for her to slap him down with the line about the lone wolf. “Obviously I’m not going to fight my family, you asshole, and why is your head still attached to your shoulders, again?”

There’s just…not much to glean here. We get shots of the Ironboor fleet, shots of the Dothraki charging, shots of things on fire and Jaime Larry looking befuddled and angry. Frankly, I have no idea how this is even going to be a competition since the Lannisters shouldn’t have the resources to handle any of these onslaughts, and Euron the Moron lost his entire fleet to a very sneaky Yara because he got distracted with his magical CPR. But it’s fine; I’m sure troops will materialize as the plot demands.

Speaking of plot demands, was that crowd seriously cheering for Cersei Cheryl, the woman who JUST blew up their place of worship? What the hell is wrong with smallfolk in Weisseroff?

Lastly, The Night’s King has some striking eyes and Drogon would probably benefit from a trip to the dentist. Plaque build-up is no joke, guys. I don’t know what else to say; this was very straight-forward. Looks like we’ll be getting some kind of fight with the Army of the Dead, but that’s been a feature for quite some time, now. I’m crossing my fingers for a follow-up with Craster’s white walker baby, I guess.

What did you guys think? Was it worth the 50 kajillion articles that you’re about to see pop up on your feeds, breaking down every second of action? Is there something egregious I’ve overlooked that will be the key to all Dramatic Satisfaction™ in a month? Will we ever truly be free? All signs point to…I’d rather not think about it.

Images courtesy of HBO


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