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Get Your First Look at Atlanta Robbin’ Season

It’s been a long wait since the first acclaimed season of Atlanta ended. Donald Glover’s award-winning surreal dramedy following a struggling Atlanta man and his local rap star cousin hit on just about every level. Atlanta was funny, smart, relevant, and powerful. It easily transitioned between absurd comedic moments (like Paper Boi fighting black Justin Bieber) and the real struggles in its characters lives. It allowed terrific actors like Bryan Tyree Henry and Lakeith Stanfield to break through.

To be honest, I have no idea how Atlanta’s second season is going to deliver on the hype. But I know it will.

Taking on the title Atlanta Robbin’ Season, the trailer and presumably, the season will focus on the time of year called “robbin’ season,” the time around Christmas when an influx of cash into the area leads to an increase in crime. However, it will also follow up on the changing circumstances of Paper Boi’s journey to greater fame, and how those circumstances are changing him and Earn (Donald Glover’s character).

Considering how much more secure Donald Glover’s status is since the risk he took with Atlanta’s first season, I expect this season to just expand on everything the previous did right. He has carte blanche to do just about anything he wants and I can’t wait to see what he does with that freedom.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season hits FX on March 1. I’ll be here, happily covering all your review needs at The Fandomentals.

Images and Video Courtesy of FX


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