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How to Get Away With Murder: 2.3 Sex, Sex, Sex Review

This week’s HTGAWM  increases the case of the week count to two as Annalise and Co. continue to work with the murder siblings and represent a client, Sherri Saum as Tonya, accused of killing a man (Dominic) through kinky sex which causes a heart attack.

That’s one way of dealing with sex-work on television. As to be expected, Tonya didn’t kill him, on purpose. She attempted to make the heart attack happen, with a nitroglycerin pill combined with a popular ED prescription pill, so that when Dominic’s wife found out, she’d leave him, but then he died anyways. Oops. That really awkward moment when you kill the person you love with nitroglycerin…

Of course, characters make the usual “Well, she’s having freaky sex so…” comments but nothing egregious from our main people except for Asher.

Honestly, the scenes that come out of these cases make or break an episode, and this week was pretty great. Michaela talked about never getting off during sex and bonded with the rest of the students and also almost slept with another woman after she kissed Michaela at the sex party where Tonya knows people. Plus, Connor and Michaela bond some more since he goes with her to do some investigating and I love their growing relationship.

Connor and Oliver also have sex for the first time twenty days post Oliver’s HIV diagnosis (Operation PreP, how cute.) Bonnie and Asher are still getting it on though that does stop after Bonnie sees a picture of Tiffany. She is somehow related to Asher’s blackmail, so Asher goes to his father about his trouble.

We also learn that Frank’s mom is a homemaker (not a housewife), his dad and him play poker every Sunday, he was kicked out of community college for cheating, and he almost shares some “bad things” about himself with Laurel. As much as I hate their relationship, if we get to learn more about him, I’m okay.

Most importantly, Wes realizes that Michaela’s Levi is the same guy in Rebecca’s photo and we find out that he and Rebecca were foster siblings! When she was younger she spilled eggs on the floor and was forced to eat them so she was Eggs, not Levi who hasn’t heard from Rebecca and thinks she’s dead!

Too bad Wes is now going to lose trust in Annalise again and is working with Levi (who isn’t supposed to be seeing Michaela but gives her her first big O) to find out the truth. Oy.

These law students have way too much free time on their hands for all this sex, law, and murder when they should be going to Torts class and well, every other class besides Annalise’s.

On the murder siblings front, the two are caught kissing and the picture is leaked by Emily via the employee we’ve seen a few times, after she gets the Dictaphone that Annalise recorded various ideas that the prosecution could use in the court against the siblings.

Annalise is also very much in her cups “Olivia” style (from Scandal) and barely makes it up to her bed. The cinematography of Wes behind a door and Annalise on the other side after he kills a mouse in her basement is pretty awesome though.

Also awesome is watching Annalise get dolled up to go Nate’s to try to make it right between them because she misses him. Welp. Though Nate does say he’s not saying no to her right now, just that he needs more time so maybe she will get some sort of happy ending! After whatever major surgeries she’ll need if she’s supposed to survive getting shot in the abdomen.

The cinematography of Nate behind his door and Annalise on the other side after he says not yet is pretty awesome. Oh wait, this already happened with Wes, but you know who else is behind Nate’s door? WES! Wes is growing up and leaving his puppy days behind to do some intense manipulative crap like everyone else! It’s always the quiet ones.

Well whatever is going on between Wes and Nate obviously leads to the flash-forward where, seven weeks later, we learn that Nate calls Annalise as she lies bleeding out. Oh and he also finds the quartet and puts them in his cop car to ostensibly help them?

While I really dislike the back and forth of the timelines, I am much more interested this time in why Annalise is dying, Emily is dead, and the murder quartet is yet again involved with murder.

This season has renewed my faith in the writers and the show in general because, with every episode, I actually enjoy watching what’s happening in each scene— even the ones where Asher is being Asher. Plus the pacing and balancing of multiple cases, time jumps, and story lines is actually quite effective this year as opposed to season 1 where nothing made any sense.

The nine-episodes first half, long winter break, and then nine-episodes second half actually provides the writers a great functional way to make the show work.

Grade: A-

Image courtesy of ABC


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