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How to Get Away With Murder: 2.09 What Did We Do? Review

Trigger warning for suicide.

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER! (You have to read that in Annalise’s voice from the show’s premiere a year ago.)

Like last season, the episode runs through all the flash-forward scenes we’ve already seen and illuminates (unlike the darkly lit scenes themselves) what the actual fack happened to Sinclair and Annalise.

Turns out Asher has been inducted into the Murder Club. He backed up and ran over Sinclair when she suggested that Asher’s dad deserved what happened to him, just hours after Papa Millstone hung himself because Sinclair leaked all of his misdeeds to the press. And then he sat over her body until Bonnie showed up. DAMN.

So I’m just going to call these characters Keating Five when I’m talking about the five students, Murder Quartet when I’m talking about the original four, and the Murderers when I’m talking about everyone but Annalise.

Bonnie’s response is to call Annalise who decides that this is perfect. They can frame Catherine Hapstell (who disappeared after finding out the gun was discovered in the heating vent and is no longer being represented by Annalise) for Sinclair’s death, which in turn will protect Asher, and Nate who blew up at Sinclair in the middle of the police precinct.

I’m pretty sure this is where the majority of the audience paused and thought through how, had Wes and friends just told the police that killing Sam was in self-defense, literally none of this would be happening? To be fair, we wouldn’t have a second season, but there have to be other plots the writers discussed. Right?

Back to the action, Annalise telling the group, “Now let’s get to work,” is quite possibly the most terrifying thing ever. And also quite similar to Connor’s, “Let’s get to scooping,” from season one.

Then Annalise starts the most ridiculous scenes to ever occur on this show. She calls Catherine and leaves her a long message telling her she’ll help her, then calls 911 and says that Catherine shot her, Sinclair is on the scene, and one by one tries to get the students to shoot her. Connor almost does, but Michaela gets in front of him.

Annalise tries to get Laurel to do it next because she’s been through worse with her father and Laurel responds that maybe it’s okay if they all go to jail.

Then Annalise tells Wes that Rebecca has been dead this entire time, and he aims at her leg before finally shooting her in the stomach, followed by almost shooting her once more (while Laurel freaks out in the background). Though he stops when Annalise starts whispering “Christoph, Christoph, Christoph.”

Flash back a bunch of years, and we see a young Wes/Christoph in an interrogation room, answering questions about finding his mother as Annalise and Eve listen in where Eve asks, “What did we do?”

What. The. Everloving. Annalise?

Other things that are explained: Asher and Bonnie got the car washed before Asher ran off to give a statement, which we are still not privy to. Frank had drugged Catherine and placed her in the woods so that it would look like she ran off after shooting Annalise and passed out.

All of these people need to talk to someone and then leave this school immediately.

Asher might be the smartest yet because he even states that falling off a balcony is probably not going to create the same injuries as being hit by a car.

Nate knew that Sinclair was dead and that Annalise was probably going to do something ridiculous like always and kind of saved the Quartet’s day.

And, Philip went back to the Hapstell house to find Catherine…

Damn. What an intense episode.

It’s actually a pretty great episode even with so many of the twists and turns being predicted by various people. There are even a few funny moments— like Connor telling Laurel that it’s amazing how they’re the last two on the “screw the client” train. Which, to be fair, is a really shitty train to be on in this show!! Or like Nate telling his boss that he’s going to file a racial discrimination suit against Sinclair. Not funny because she’s a racist, but because of the boss’ face.

Questions to be answered:

How are the Murderers going to keep safe and not in prison? How is Annalise supposed to save them all while lying in a hospital bed? What do she and Eve have to do with Wes/Christoph?

And in general, all the questions pertaining to all the loose ends this time around.

It’s a pretty effective mid-season finale, though I am frustrated that a fourth of the episode is played through twice to explain what’s going on.

But I will give the writers props for making Frank and Annalise the most consistent characters of the show. Frank does whatever Annalise asks of him and is the most levelheaded character ever. Annalise is Annalise and protects her own even if it’s in the most ridiculous ways.

This show should be re-titled “The Murderers and Their Lawyer” because that’s really what’s going on now.

Grade: 4/5

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