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How to Get Away With Murder: 2.07 I Want You To Die Review

Trigger warning for discussion of suicide and rape.

None of the characters on How To Get Away With Murder can ever get a break. Last week, Oliver did something that any newbie hacker wouldn’t and got hacked himself— by who is most likely the culprit in both the Hapstell parents and aunt murder case: Aunt Hapstell’s son Phillip. And this week, he finds out that Phillip was in town the night of the two murders via Reddit. Oliver is going to die. Probably.

Elsewhere, Annalise has to, yet again, deal with Sinclair who has served Nate with a new murder charge, pending a blood test on Nia after her death. Since Nate must have killed her so he could be with Annalise.

The writers have given us a really unlikeable character in Sinclair because she’s going up against our protagonist. However, she’s just so close and yet so far to the truth, I can’t help but feel bad for her. As the audience and Annalise know, Nate did indeed give Nia the pills, and that’s classified as murder in Pennsylvania, but he did it out of his love for her which is mostly commendable. (Mostly because he did have an affair, like multiple times.)

At least Eve is back to represent Nate, so we get more sexual tension between her and Annalise and the general tension between all three of them.

There’s also the client of the week, who has been accused of badgering his ex-wife’s new lover to the point of suicide via stalking and general unpleasantness. At this point in the season though, the one off cases do more to confuse than add.

Though it does serve as a way to have Wes (whose mother killed herself) be at Nate’s hearing since Annalise needs to stay away, where the judge rules that Nia’s blood can be tested, which comes back negative for any drugs since the nurse switches the vials. Of course, Eve and Annalise celebrate with some hot kissing.

Laurel and Frank continue to get closer. They make out right by the front door, get caught by Annalise, and any respect Annalise may have had for Laurel goes out the same door.

Though she does get their client off for the murder at the end, and Annalise tells her, by not keeping her eye on Laurel, that’s a compliment. Meaning, Laurel doesn’t need to be worried about Annalise because she knows that Laurel’s trying to keep everyone else from losing it. True.

Then there’s Bonnie and Asher, yet another relationship I don’t root for. Unfortunately for Asher, Bonnie knows that Asher threw the party where Tiffany was gang-raped at Trotter Lake. While he wasn’t directly involved, he could have intervened when it happened, and when his father covered the event up, but Asher, to this day, still hasn’t done anything. And even if he did, Tiffany’s life has been forever changed. Just like Bonnie’s was. Bonnie also knows that Annalise told Asher the truth about Bonnie, and it leads to the biggest fight between them ever, with lines like “I want you to die, instead of Sam, because he would never have done this to me.”

It’s the scariest Annalise has ever been and definitely a scene for the S2 Emmy reel. Also scary is Philip waiting for Oliver in his and Connor’s apartment because he knows Connor was the one waiting to get his DNA at a date. Oliver going to jail would have been better than this!

Dare I say it, but I hope Oliver’s need to be “crazy”, as Connor put it, isn’t because of his diagnosis for HIV. It makes sense that Oliver wants to be part of Connor’s work life, and at this point he’s done so much behind the scenes, he might as well be deeply entrenched in their ridiculous lives. But a “my life is spiraling anyways, so let me act out” plot just seems too out of character for him.

Finally, in the flash-forward four days later, we see Wes and Laurel hiding behind a wall as Michaela walks with Connor on their way out of the Hapstell house. Of course, before Wes can do anything, who else would drop from the sky at Michaela and Connor’s feet, as Wes and Laurel look on? Poor Sinclair.

Looks like Bonnie’s body count is two so far, since it’s quite heavily implied that she pushed Sinclair to her death.

So who shot Annalise?!

It’s not Connor, but Oliver missing and maybe dead could be a motive. Bonnie is obviously first in line, not that I think she’d be the perpetrator for both Sinclair and Annalise. Wes has the gun in his hand in the flash-forward. I don’t think it’s Frank since he’s already killed one girl and buried another, and Laurel seems too out of the blue.

It wouldn’t make much sense for it to be Phillip only because the character drama is richer if it’s one of the Keating 5. There’s Nate who seems to have forgotten his role in the affair, but seems quite keen to blame Annalise for everything in his life that’s gone wrong. And there’s Caleb and Catherine, who have only been in the flash-forwards once each.

What we’ve seen implies that the Keating Five, all the adults, and Sinclair were all at the mansion. Connor and Michaela were about to nope out of there, but Bonnie pushes Sinclair to her death, followed by more drama and Annalise being shot.

So many options and what ifs! Oh, and let’s not forget that Asher is making a statement at the police station, after the murder/shooting. Sheesh.

With only two episodes left this side of the year, really anything could happen next week and in the mid-season finale. I just hope that the plot points introduced so far actually connect into one continuous (and seamless) reveal, because plot-holes detract from the WTFery of the finale reveals.

Grade: 4/5

Image courtesy of ABC


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