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How to Get Away With Murder: 2.05 Meet Bonnie Review

Trigger warnings: mention of child sexual abuse and rape

Usually I leave the flash-forward portion for the end of my review, but this week something I had been thinking actually happened.

The episode’s cold open is Bonnie running out of the Hapstell house, past Sinclair’s body and into a car. The camera pans to none other than Asher in the passenger seat and Bonnie asking Asher if he’s okay and stating that everything is almost over. Promise.

So, Nate and the original Murder Quartet are working together and their plan involves Caleb Hapstell while Bonnie and Asher are also working together? Though Bonnie stopping at a gas station to wash blood off her arm and throw away her bloody shirt is probably not the best decision she’s made. Especially because when she comes out, Asher is gone-and at the police station to make a statement. Welp.

Then, in three weeks prior to Sinclair’s death, we find out that Asher’s plea deal is meant to result in a wire-tap for the Keating House for his full immunity. Yet he runs out because, the night before, Bonnie had spun a tale that Sam came onto her while drunk and didn’t take no for an answer.

The same morning of his hearing, Bonnie tells Frank and Annalise what she did. Bonnie just can’t get a break. Annalise also has Frank look into what Nate and Wes are up to.

Of course, as the adults are talking behind closed doors, the Murder Quartet try to figure out what it is that is going on and Connor even suggests they all get a beer and sit down since Annalise owns their life so they’ll never get fired for doing so. He’s not wrong.

Connor and Laurel are especially snarky this week as Connor asks Michaela if she wants to go to jail without an orgasm and Laurel tells him to back off, Michaela’s hers. The Maurel ship lives! (I have no idea what their portmanteau is.) So does the Murder Quartet OT4 orgy because that conversation lasts a hot two minutes.

Asher comes running directly to Annalise and asks why they didn’t just call the police and say it was self-defense. Annalise scathingly responses that Asher has always been taught to be a man and, adding in his whiteness, makes him exactly the person police are trained to believe. Not a woman, and especially not when the man accused is dead. So many snaps.

So Asher goes back and tells Sinclair that he knows who killed Sam to stall his hearing. Either he’s going to play Sinclair and get everyone out scot-free, or he’s going to be the key to everyone’s downfall— especially since Bonnie tells him that their first time having sex was for her alibi.

But when he finds out that his dad also signed a plea deal in relation to the David Allen case from “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” (and also last season’s fifth episode), it seems to be that he’s not going to sign the deal, even if it means risking his own future.

He also asks what we were all thinking: why does Sinclair care so much about Sam’s death? She says that we can’t all just get away with killing each other, and he supplies that there aren’t going to be mini-Annalises killing people. Hilarious.

Elsewhere, Annalise tells Frank to keep Levi away from both Wes and Michaela after Frank looks up their phone records, and she tells Nate the truth about Nia asking for pills (in a ploy to get him to tell her about his meeting with Wes). When that doesn’t work and everything hits the fan, she asks Nate outright about Wes and tells him that Bonnie killed Sam and because Bonnie is like her child, she had to protect her. (More on that later.)

By “everything hits the fan”, I mean Laurel comes back after having an “I’m going to jail so let’s not think about it” fuck with Frank in the basement and, with Michaela, freaks out on Bonnie about Asher. So Annalise tells them the truth. Bonnie lied to Asher to cover everyone’s ass because that’s what they do in that house: ruin their own lives to protect the kids. Annalise even tells Frank and Bonnie that she doesn’t know how to keep them all safe. Their response is that they have it covered.

The shit continues to hit the fan because, after Annalise calls Wes into her office after the blow-up, the other three think he’s known everything the whole time. So they follow him, to find out what he’s been hiding, and run right into him and Levi with Frank’s storage key where the latter two think dead!Rebecca is. The best part about this scene, besides the myriad faces of WTF, is Connor stepping in front of Michaela when Levi moves toward her.

Poor Michaela can’t get a break and neither can Levi because Frank planted meth in his trunk. At least the Murder Quartet is back together! Which is good, because they go to the storage shed and all that awaits them is the luggage we saw Frank put Rebecca’s body in.

Michaela shields her eyes with Connor’s shoulder and Wes steps up after Laurel to open the luggage and inside is a shitload of money because Frank left the key on purpose for the quartet to find. Now, the other three are done with Wes. Too bad he’s right that the money has something to do with Rebecca.

While that is occurring, and Annalise is dealing with Nate, Bonnie meets with Asher to beg him not to do anything, but he says that he can’t let her do this.

What results is Bonnie calling Annalise in tears, telling her to pin everything on her so Annalise totally breaks client confidentiality and shows Asher a video of young Bonnie and her father playing a “game.” I’ll leave that to interpretation but Asher starting to cry should be sign enough of what that means.

Damn. While I hate that this is the reveal we’re getting for Bonnie—that she was saved by Annalise who probably represented her when she was older against her father— it serves as a successful (ugh) appeal for Asher’s empathy and “being a good guy” deal.

On the Hapstell case front, the new judge has given Sinclair and Annalise until 5PM to get their case ready because she has a case the next day to preside over. I like her, she’s not playing games. So the Quartet minus Laurel works on finding something to discredit the aunt and they find some beautiful footage calling the siblings “Orientals and mulattos.” None of it matters though because the judge allows the aunt’s original testimony.


In the exact opposite vein, Connor has a really sweet moment with Oliver and tells him that Oliver is everything to him and that he loves him. After dropping the bombshell that he might be going to jail. Ouch. At least Connor is growing!

Overall, this episode is much stronger than last week and highlights how great How to Get Away With Murder can be when it’s at its best. As long as this continues, the next ten episodes should be spectacular.

If anything, Nate and Annalise playing each other, while Wes continues to dig deeper to figure out where Rebecca really is (I guess in the graveyard after all), will be super fun to watch.

Grade: A+

Image courtesy of ABC


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