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How to Get Away With Murder: 2.04 Skanks Get Shanked Review

Trigger warning for discussion of suicide.

Last week, California’s governor signed what has been called the “Right-to-Die” bill which will allow medically assisted suicides for terminally ill patients diagnosed with six months or less to live.

This week, the audience and Annalise finally meet Nate’s wife, Nia, who not only asks if Annalise loves Nate, but also asks her to help her die!

Of course Annalise doesn’t do it, because that would be completely antithetical to her character, but the inner struggle she faces results in a superbly acted conversation with Nia towards the end of the episode where Annalise talks about wanting to kill herself and having thought about it ever since she was a young child. This show may be absolutely ridiculous, but Annalise Keating is a gift to all of us and I just hope she comes out happy at the end of this show.

Elsewhere, Annalise and kids represent a white teenager with rich parents who stabbed her best friend 52 times. There’s video proof involved, and on the stand the other friend’s testimony goads Zoe into saying that she’s next.

At some point, I’ll need to go through and count how many of Annalise’ clients were innocent and thusly saved from prison, and how many were terrible people and sent to prison by Annalise herself. Though her students may not always trust her, if Connor hadn’t leaked the video, I’m pretty sure Annalise would have. I’ve mentioned it before, but her sense of justice is very set in stone.

Connor, speaking of trust, is highly critical of everything Annalise does and is really upfront, so Annalise lays down the law and reminds him that there is blood still in his car. Surprisingly, he has really grown as a person when last season he was mostly stuck in the promiscuous-asshole category.

Wes continues to work with Nate to find out where Rebecca is which leads to Levi and Wes going to a cemetery to find Rebecca’s body. Levi is still super sketchy, but at least he’s getting Michaela to open up, because now she’s having phone sex with lines like, “Spank me, daddy.” Whatever works, girl.

The Hapstell Case continues to get weirder as, this week, Annalise submits for a virginity test for Catherine to prove that there’s no incest. I thought the case was going to be interesting and delve into race and wealth, but instead we have antiquated yet firmly believed theories about virginity. Sigh. At least we find out that Michaela was adopted which makes for a great backstory— if we get it.

The episode, up to this point, hadn’t held my interest beyond Annalise and Nia, because I don’t care about the Hapstell case (and Wes is always causing problems, so what else is new?). But Bonnie showing up last minute to tell Asher, who has been making a deal with the District Attorney to testify against Annalise, that she killed Sam is honestly in the top 10 WTF moments the show has given us.

She is so ride or die for Annalise and if we don’t find out why soon, no reveal will be realistic enough for that much dedication.

Finally, in flash-forward, the paramedics arrive and Annalise begins to flat line. In any other show this would be major cause for concern, but there is absolutely no way Annalise is going to die so it’s almost difficult to really care. Obviously, the aftermath of Annalise almost dying is going to be spectacularly intense, but until then— the flash-forwards are doing an okay job of keeping the interest.

Fortunately, the Quartet and Nate get away from the scene in his cop car and Connor even quips about getting a drink after Michaela calmly talks on the phone to Caleb, whom she is then dropped off to meet. I wonder what plan includes Nate being Annalise 2.0 and sending Michaela to Caleb in relation to Annalise and probably Catherine.

If the show gets a third season and they continue with more murder, which almost seems impossible to do in an organic and interesting way, I hope they skip the flash-forwards every episode. I’d rather we get one peek at what is going to hell in the future and only get present day scenes in the remaining episodes. Though this season has had a better balance of multiple cases, Annalise’s struggles, dead people, and flash forwards, it’s still too much and becomes annoying to watch.

Really, I’d rather just have an interaction between our main nine characters while they represent terrible people, and, in Nate’s case, hate everything.

Grade: B+

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