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How to Get Away With Murder: 2.02 “One More Death” Review

Building upon last week’s introduction to new clients, brother and sister pair Caleb and Catherine Hapstell accused of murdering their wealthy parents, this week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder focuses on the our favorite lawyer and wannabe lawyers dealing with a new charge that the siblings killed their aunt. Yet, considering that Caleb lied about being home, and his DNA in Aunt Elena’s car, it’s very much looking like he’s a strong suspect.

However, this is all shown after the episode starts two months in the future with Annalise bleeding out, and the Murder Quartet (yet again) freaking out in the woods next to the mansion– though Connor does try to stop the bleeding and it’s only Michaela’s hand on his face and saying please that makes him get up and leave. Also at the Hapstell mansion, and unfortunately dead on the ground, is ADA Emily Sinclair who had grilled Annalise on her relationship with Nate.

All of the deaths all of the time.

So someone pushed Emily to her death and then Annalise got shot? The only okay thing about this ridiculousness is that it implies Connor and Michaela get closer and that’s all I want in life. Also Murder Quartet as an actual Quartet would be pretty interesting.

Fortunately, Eve does get Nate off the hook in current time. Eve and Annalise also share some sweet, yet charged, scenes during the episode. Like holding hands in a car where anyone can see them and kissing again– but of course Nate finds out. Oy. I do appreciate that Annalise is getting to have some happiness, even if it is linked to all the sadness in her life and that the bisexual/pan Annalise wasn’t just for one episode.

The “Rebecca is missing (but actually dead)” storyline is not brushed aside this week either as Michaela meets Levi (Matt Cohen), who looks great in a hoodie, while waiting for the court’s recess to end and does turn him down when he tries to get her number. The scene is made twenty times better when Connor eggs her on to say yes for him because Levi is definitely a hottie.

Except Wes comes to find out that Levi knew Rebecca, thanks to a picture found while cleaning out Rebecca’s apartment as she has been evicted. Eggs 911!

Poor Michaela is just having the worst luck with men. Though Michaela is surprisingly not suspicious of a chance meet up with a man.

The best part about the case, like with any case, is what the audience gets to learn about the characters. For example: Connor, Oliver, and Michaela bantering together while Oliver finds out that the DNA was planted is hilarious. Especially as this is after Connor tells the other students that he tested positive for HIV to cover up the Quartet talking about Sam’s murder in front of Asher.

Awkward. Though he does bring up that he is on PreP again which is awesome, but that information wasn’t really his to just give out and the writers do highlight that by having Oliver call Connor out on just sharing all of their personal information.

Oliver is obviously the cinnamon roll, too pure for this show and world.

Ultimately, it’s still not clear what’s true, but the evidence is pointing towards a frame job; however, the why is yet to be determined and the Hapstell case continues onto next week.

Other tidbits:

Frank actually turns Laurel down for sex? Apparently he doesn’t appreciate being a gigolo. Who would have thought he had standards?

Annalise also tells Bonnie that if she screws up again she’ll be the next dead body in her house. Yet again, I’m left wondering what it is that Annalise helped Bonnie through or what problem she got Bonnie out of. Bonnie says Annalise saved her and she will always remember that which is why she killed Rebecca to save Annalise. And we know that Frank had some deal with Sam so what in the heck happened between these four?!

Though it is hilarious, in that dark comedy kind of way, that everyone but Asher and Annalise have killed or been directly involved with a murder. Annalise ordered Sam’s clean up, but as of now as never actually killed someone.

So that’s something right?

I will say that, though the episode is really good and I loved the interplay between all the characters especially in relation to Nate’s case, the court room scenes themselves were so bad and unrealistic. I’m pretty sure that, in real life, the judge herself would have stopped the prosecutor for badgering Annalise.

The true strengths of the episode are the final interactions between Annalise and Eve and Connor and Oliver.

The first is Eve telling Annalise that part of her is still in love with the latter, even after being with other women– which is so realistic and painful, but also beautiful to watch two women talk about an important but painful part of their lives which leads to sex between the two. Famke Jansen for Best Guest Award. And then Eve asks Annalise to go to New York with her!

The second is Connor telling Oliver to hurt him, because Oliver hurt Connor and it is fair, resulting in Oliver explaining that he got drunk and had sex with someone he doesn’t remember. Connor manages to turn it back onto himself stating that it’s really his fault that Oliver is now dealing with this diagnosis.

Damn. This episode is definitely one of the stronger ones of the show and I’m very excited to see what’s next.

Grade: A

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