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Generation X Celebrates A Birthday In New X-Men Unlimited One-Shot

It’s Jubilee’s birthday, and readers can join the party right in the Marvel Unlimited app! Writer and artist Jason Loo (Fantastic Four, Marvel’s Voices: Identity) brings an all-new story to the fan-favorite X-MEN UNLIMITED anthology series. The new one-shot, “Birthday Side Quest” launches on the app on Monday, June 27 in the exclusive Infinity Comics format.

X-Men Unlimited #41: Birthday Side Quest

Marvel Unlimited Gen X Jubilee art

Writer, Artist & Colorist: Jason Loo

Editor: Lauren Amaro

It’s Jubilee’s birthday, so what better way to celebrate than with the rest of the Generation X team in an escape room? Only…nobody else seems quite as excited to spend time together as Jubilee is….maybe it’s time to let old friendships go? Or maybe not—as the escape room starts actively trying to kill them, the former teammates will have to band together just to make it out alive! 

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Image via Marvel Comics

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