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Funko Games Plans Big 2020 With ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Godzilla’, and…Jeff Goldblum?

Funko Games was the talk of the town last summer, when the newly launched studio (born out of the acquisition of design group Prospero Hall by the Washington-based toy company) debuted at GenCon with the Funkoverse games, which married strong game design to Funko’s iconic, bug-eyed vinyl figures. However, Funko Games isn’t just about the figures that made their parent company famous. They’re proving that today at New York Toy Fair,  where they’ll unveil a lineup of games that they say show off the company’s “creativity and deep commitment to innovative gameplay.” And while some of them are more obviously in Funko’s traditional fandom wheelhouse, there are some genuine surprises.

Back To The Future: Back In Time (June 2020)

2-4 Players

Est. Duration: 50 Minutes

Price: $29.99

Another in Prospero Hall’s long history of co-op adventures, Back In Time is a celebration of the original film just in time for its 35th anniversary, with players reenacting iconic moments from the film as they work to stop Biff and his gang. You’ll be able to play as Doc and Marty, but also Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer and Doc’s dog Einstein, each with their own figure. The standout elements seem to be (naturally) the DeLorean miniature and the clocktower, which is a 3D element of the board used as a dice randomizer.

Godzilla: Tokyo Clash (June 2020)

2-4 Players

Est. Duration: 45 Minutes

Retail: $34.99

Helpless people on subway trains/Scream, bug-eyed, as he looks in on them

Just in time for the King of Monster’s Sapphire Jubilee (65 years, look it up folks), Tokyo Clash will finally put the destructive power of iconic monsters Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Megalon onto your dinner table. It looks like a bit of a timed brawler, as each player has to defeat the other kaiju before the people of Tokyo can muster their defenses and destroy you. They’ve also tried to capture the feel of being a giant monster by making the city modular, so that no two cities will be laid out or destroyed in the same way twice, and including sculpted buildings for you to knock over. Plus the monster figures themselves are big and chunky, meaning this is gonna be something awesome to bring to game night.

Yacht Rock (August 2020)

2-6 Players

Est. duration: 25 minutes

Retail: $16.99

You can check out any time you like

Maybe the strangest game in the line, Yacht Rock places you in the role of a soft-rock musician trying to make it big in the SoCal of the 1970’s. Definitely a game you get your dad (or grandpa), Yacht Rock is all about collecting cards and earning points by schmoozing, dressing right (probably massive butterfly collars), and recording hit songs that will be the soundtrack for root canals in forty years. It’s got some very pretty art, though, and definitely capture the “chill vibe” they were going for.

Last Defense (August 2020)

2-6 Players

Est. Duration: 20 Minutes

Retail: $19.99

Probably the most “family-friendly” game of the bunch, Last Defense is a big beautiful homage to old school monster flicks. Players will have to work together to rescue scientists and collect tools, all while fending off aliens, giant blobs, robot spiders, and other such eviltons. The twenty-minute time limit is not an option, and the companion app will help keep track of time while also playing news bulletins that you can use to figure out where the monsters are attacking next. It’s got a lot of color to it and some really fun visuals, and is going be great for people in a hurry and only have time for “one last game.”

Pan-Am: The Game (October 2020)

2-4 Players

Est. Duration: 60 minutes

Retail: $34.99

Not exactly a license anyone expected, Pan-Am: The Game is perfect for the aviation nerd in your life. Each player is in charge of their own airline, and they have to compete against each other (and Pan Am) to create their own aviation empire. There are planes to buy, routes to map, insider connections to manipulate. You can even sell your built up routes to Pan Am and make money that way. There’s also a lot of historical events happening during the game, meaning you can essentially create an entirely new timeline purely through the power of planes!


Of course, there’s some new stuff coming down the pipeline for Funkoverse as well. As with all releases in the line, the new stuff is fully compatible with the other sets released in the line. These are the ones that have been confirmed, but there’ve been hints that Funko is planning on releasing sets based on JAWSBack To The Future, and more later this year.

Golden Girls (March 1)

Retail: $24.99

The girls are finally all together again! After the success of Rose and Blanch on the Funko Battlefield, it comes as no surprise that Dorothy and Sophia would soon follow. The new figures each have their own powers, with Dorothy able to tank enemies with her “Strong & Sassy” ability and Sophia buffing someone to protect her by “Calling In A Hit.” Sophia’ Purse even gets added in, becoming a new item that helps players perform actions at no cost. If you’re a fan of the Golden Girls, or just wanna see Bea Arthur beat up Batman, this is probably worth a look.

Jurassic Park (March 1)

Retail (Ellie, Alan, Ray): $34.99

Retail (Ian Malcolm): $24.99

The newest four-player pack to release for Funkoverse adapts the classic film, Jurassic Park, letting you play as the heroes of the piece (and some humans). Unlike the other 4 packs, there isn’t a clear “alignment” to this, encouraging the “mix-and-match” ethos at the core of the game. There are lots of little touches that make it feel like the movie, right down to Amber Points, and both a Raptor Claw and a pair of night-vision goggles for your characters to use.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, you can also pick up the Ian Malcolm two-pack, which adds Jeff Goldblum and the T-Rex into the game. Not only can you now have these two mix it up in other scenarios, you can also play it as a stand-alone two-player game pitting the two against each other. It also adds in a Flare item that can distract enemies, and dice that help replicate Ian’s “Chaos” theory.

Aggretsuko (March 1)

Retail: $14.99

Everyone’s favorite death metal Red Panda has shown up to fight, and she’s got a chainsaw! Harness the power of Retsuko’s inner beast as you slowly build her Rage higher and higher until it all comes out in one big, in-your-face attack. And, if that doesn’t work, you can always use the chainsaw. Unlike the other releases, Retsuko can’t really play on her own, and needs at least one other Funkoverse game to really get her rage out.


Will you be picking any of these up? Sound off in the comments, and keep an eye on here for more news and reviews from the world of Funko, Fandom, and Tabletop.

Images via Funko Games


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