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Photos of new shows and text "Fall 2019 Upfront Roundup"


Fall 2019 New Show Trailers

Here are the available trailers for the new broadcast season starting in September! I provide some quick reactions and thoughts on each one and the networks’ schedules. Let me know in the comments what grabs your attention (if at all) and stay tuned for news from SDCC in July and TCA in August!


Aliens! That’s it, that’s my response. New shows with this type of mystery if not renewed can go out pretending they were event series, but ABC barely ordered six shows, and picked this one up from NBC so they must like the aliens, I mean premise. Not my cup of tea, but something I’ll read the recaps for sure and I definitely think of the two dramas, this one has more oomph.

I’m not watching it but the trailer made me laugh, at the very least the kids are lovely. This airing before Grown-ish makes sense thematically but leading into the second half of comedies before Emergence, I don’t know about that.

The trailer took too long to introduce the lead for anyone watching the trailer on purpose, and especially for anyone finding it randomly. Once it actually tells us who any of the characters are, I’m already checked out! I hope it does well for the cast’s sake, but…oof. Super underwhelming.

Clearly, ABC’s new regime did not enjoy their pilots, but cut all your trailers to entertain! Emergence at least made me interested to read the recaps when I don’t even watch this general premise. I think Beauty and the Baker should air in the fall especially if Burke wants to bring women back to the network…Otherwise, we’ll see what she picks up in 2020.


Well, CBS might bring me back to its fold! Simone Missick is incredible and I’m super interested to see where this show goes. Also, love how many women there are!

One of the best trailers across the board and a really great first look for a show that I don’t actually think is right for CBS. It feels way more like a streaming show, but CBS loves it, so the question is will its audience?

Haram. More like Bob harasses Abishola. CBS loves Chuck Lorre though so this show is sticking around. Just like Bob. Because he’s a creep.

Carol is an old intern! That’s the entire premise. Not for me.

I’m shocked but I might actually watch a new comedy! Wade (Walter Goggins) and his friends are hilarious and the child actresses are believable for once. This either is a hit for CBS or totally tanks.


Peak CBS and peak Dick Wolf which means unless it tanks in the spring, this too will stick around for a second year. I love the cast but probably won’t watch it unless it gets recommended to me by people I trust.

Also, peak CBS, and reminds me of TNT’s The Closer. Both blonde and intense women who do their job without worrying about how people think of them! Edie Falco is a beast so this is something if renewed, I’d watch an ep or two.

The obsession with stories about family members coming back and moving in is so weird to me because in my culture if you move out you’re the weird one! Pauley Perrette is flexing her comedy muscles, not that the trailer made me laugh. Pass.

CBS’ approach this year was to do what they always do. Procedurals and sitcoms and a big swing in Evil. They gave it a fall perch so it shows their faith in the show. Their shows all have leads of color and All Rise especially is inclusively cast. I think the true test for the network is the next development season!

The CW

Peak DCTV. Peak The CW. Cast seems alright. My only question, is this Kate Kane Jewish? I doubt I’ll watch.

I love this and want to watch it immediately. The supernatural aspect seems not over the top and starting the teens at odds with each other makes for great relationship building. I appreciate the changes in ethnicity for George and Ned and am seriously hoping that one of the characters is revealed as gay. (George?? Please??) Nancy and Ned will be v cute, I’m sure. Can’t wait for this!


Shortest teaser for any network! Sadly it doesn’t provide much but a first glimpse at the four leads and their life in NYC. We’ll see if Lucy Hale can keep this one alive…

With the CW/Netflix deal now over, the studios will have to shop their shows to multiple streamers at once in attempts for funding. I have no doubt Kate Kane does just fine, and I think a supernatural Nancy Drew survives too. No idea what happens with Katy but I’ll likely give all three of these series a shot if renewed.


Serial killer’s son helps solve crimes! Seems a bit dark for Fox (The Following again?) but they clearly love it to give it the post 9-1-1 slot but I’m not sure if it’s the next hit that they’re hoping for. Procedurals, especially with the “random person helps cop” gimmick, are generally stable performers, even now so we’ll see.

I hate the title, but ended up really interested in watching this! Half of it is absolutely for the cast. Timothy Hutton, hello! Megalyn, Emily, and Brittany are all great. But I want to know what happens to him and how the newly-found sisters interact. I’ll give this one a try for sure.

No. Just no. I dislike this animation style and the only animated comedy I watch at all from Fox is Bob’s Burgers. Definitely think their other animated shows might do better.


From the creator of Empire is the white Christian-conservative evangelical three illegitimate bi-racial children version of Empire? This is so haram, and so perfect for Fox. I hope it survives its mid-season entry though because I would absolutely binge-watch this chaos.

What if AI starts killing people? Or if Person of Interest went in the other direction and Samaritan won? Well, this show answers that, because the AI does kill people. Though it says it wants to help people… If the writers have a plan, at least the first season could tell a great story.

Peak procedural police propaganda! Anything that starts with the main character saying policies and procedures are damned is telling a specific story and I’m so over it or as Dan Fienberg so put it, a “fascistic nightmare” and I hard agree.

Fox’ only new live-action comedy is The Big Bang Theory except they’re kids who are geniuses with two parents and a younger non-genius sibling. I didn’t laugh once.

This schedule is wild, y’all! Everything but The Simpsons moved in preparation of Thursday Night Football and WWE on Fridays. Seven newbies air in the spring! I think by virtue of fall scheduling, its two dramas will hold up alright. I don’t know what to think about the comedy and in mid-season, any one of the dramas could hold out long enough for a renewal. Ownership alone likely saves at least four of the ten newbies if not one or two more.


Father and daughter reunited! Even though they can’t get along! And have to win their case! This trailer is too repetitive and gives away a bit more than wanted, and bores me. Chicago Justice didn’t make it to year two, so we’ll see if NBC’s newest law show makes it there. Jimmy Smits is a legend but deserves better!

I wasn’t expecting to laugh at this trailer but actually laughed aloud a few times and I don’t really watch comedies. Curmudgeonly Bradley Whitford changing the lives of this choir sounds silly, but at least the pilot will provide a few laughs. “What does eat me d mean” is definitely a line and if it can hold onto any type of demo, the show will return.

I’m not sure how well this will do considering well our entire political world right now, but the premise is entertaining! The cast as a whole seems to meld well and if the rest of the episodes provide laughs, well I might watch more than one episode!

Unfortunately, I don’t think any of these will perform well enough to make it to year two. Lincoln is likely getting the In-Between treatment airing into summer (and unlike Ironside is likely airing all produced episodes). Council of Dads which fits with This is Us won’t premiere until early spring but has a slightly higher chance of renewal in that it’s super soapy, sappy, and a tear-jerker based on a real story. Elsewhere, NBC is trying to develop long-running comedies in preparation for their streaming offering though so we’ll see how the others do but I’m not hopeful.

The difficulty all the Big 4 have is needing to show advertisers that things are fine! Their content will bring the few eyeballs in the demo that advertisers want, and in new and improved ways. Obviously, this all makes sense, but it does mean that a large chunk of orders are just plain underwhelming! Last year, only The Passage made me immediately want to watch the show and then it got cancelled.

Here’s hoping All RiseEvilThe UnicornNancy Drew, Not Just Me, and Filthy Rich don’t flame out. What are y’all interested in trying? Comment below!

Trailers courtesy of the networks.


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