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Skybound’s Latest Kickstarter Is Extra Fabulous

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Earlier this month, Skybound launched The Extra Fabulous Experience on Kickstarter, a multifaceted celebration of superstar cartoonist Zach M. Stafford’s hit humor webcomics, featuring the first ever graphic novel collection of Extra Fabulous along with a brand-new party card game called Boo-ty Call. The campaign is live on Kickstarter now

The Extra Fabulous Experience brings “discerning” audiences worldwide the two things they’ve always wanted – Good Comics for Bad People: An Extra Fabulous Collection, a brand new mature-audiences graphic novel collecting Stafford’s acclaimed webcomic and Boo-ty Call: A Game of Deduction and Seduction, a party card game for mature audiences where the objective is to hook up with ghosts.  

“I have been waiting for this Kickstarter my entire life because if the campaign is a success, I plan to get hair implants and live the rest of my days on a small boat in the ocean,” said Stafford. “If the campaign is not enough of a success, I will remain bald and continue to make bad comics. It is your choice.” 

Good Comics for Bad People collection of Extra Fabulous comics

In Good Comics for Bad People, Stafford makes his graphic novel debut with the first-ever collection of Extra Fabulous comics. The 6”x8”, 200-page hardcover collection for mature readers also features campaign-exclusive content by webcomics superstars such as Mr. Lovenstein, Cyanide & Happiness, The Oatmeal, and Safely Endangered joining the Experience. 

Then, step into the world of Boo-ty Call, a party card game where lonely mediums interpret cryptic answers from a sexy ghost in a race to score! It’s described as if “Guess Who and Red Flags had a spooky baby”. It contains 36 illustrated Ghost Profiles to sweep you off your feet, 50 spicy séance cards to help you find your true love from beyond the veil, and 1 small but feisty rulebook to boss you around (in a good way), there’s no telling what will happen when you play – except, well, bad things…but like, in the best way. 

Boo-ty Call Extra Fabulous party game

“We’ve launched incredible Kickstarter campaigns for webcomic collections like Mr. Lovenstein Presents Failure and tabletop games like Trial By Trolley, but we’ve never tried mixing chocolate and peanut butter until now – and we couldn’t have found a more perfect partner than Zach M. Stafford’s Extra Fabulous,” said Alex Antone, Senior Editor, Skybound Entertainment. “We knew Good Comics for Bad People would be great because we have been fans of the webcomic for years, but Boo-ty Call has taken on a life – nay, afterlife – of its own and we could not be prouder! Zach and the team here at Skybound have put together an experience you have to see to believe…but maybe don’t tell your parents.” 

The Extra Fabulous Experience campaign is live now on Kickstarter, with new stretch goals and campaign-exclusive products to be announced through July 13, 2022 at Noon PT. 

Images via Skybound Entertainment

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