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Exclusive: New Images Reveal Big Changes For Fantasy Realms Card Game

Fantasy Realms, the card drafting, set collecting game that places you in the role of a ruler trying to create the mightiest kingdom of all, is entering it’s fourth year of publication as one of WizKids’ most successful board game properties. Now, Wizkids has announced a new expansion to the game: The Cursed Hoard. Releasing in May, the new expansion promises some exciting additions to the game including new suits as well as a brand new deck of items cards.

Fantasy Realms The Cursed Hoard cursed item card

A brand new tool for rulers hoping to dig into the dark side, the cursed item deck has plenty of powerful abilities that can give you an edge over your opponents. But those curses are no joke, and every time you play one it takes away from your score at the end of the game. The more powerful the item, the more it’s going to cost you.

Fantasy Realms The Cursed Hoard undead card

In addition to the new items, The Cursed Hoard also adds three new suits to the existing Fantasy Realms formula. Buildings allow you to develop your realm further with more permanent creations, while Outsiders can be summoned for their powerful abilities straight out of myth and legend. The final suit are those fabulous spooky boys the undead, like our friend The Specter up there, who open up fun combos by interacting with your discards.

You can grab the base game of Fantasy Realms from the WizKids shop or your FLGS, and keep an eye out this May for The Cursed Hoard!

Images via Wizkids

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