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Europa Universalis: The Price Of Power Lays Claim To Kickstarter And Funds In Three Hours

After two years in development, which you can get a sneak peek at here, Norwegian developer Aegir Games has officially launched their board game adaptation of Paradox’s classic 4X strategy series on Kickstarter. Part of Paradox’s initial expansion into the world of cardboard, the game had a slightly longer development cycle than its sister game Crusader Kings (more on that game soon) thanks to the more complex gameplay and broader scope of the EU series. Following a name change, adding the subtitle “The Price of Power,” and multiple rounds of playtesting, Aegir launched the game early Thursday morning and already hit their $30,000 goal within a few hours.

Unlike Crusader Kings, which has players take on the role of a family battling for power in Medieval Europe, Europa Universalis moves the action forward a couple of hundred years into the 17th century and the Age of Exploration. Gone are the halberds and great helms, replaced by gunpowder and big floppy hats. Players take on the role of a nation (a still new idea at the time of the game’s setting) battling for control of not just Europe but the entire world. With rich lands ripe for colonization just across the water, players have to balance their growth wealth with the problems in their own backyard. There’s scenarios to try out, events to respond to taken directly from history, and plenty of paths to victory that don’t necessarily end in blood (though those are the most fun). There’s also a solo mode for the game designed by Dávid Turczi (Anachrony, Kitchen Rush and Days of Ire) that lets you pit yourself against the world.

Oh yes, here there be cannons


There are only two tiers to the campaign (the third tier that let backers be put in the game sold out almost immediately): Basic (1-4 players) and Deluxe (1-6 players), with the former focusing on Western Europe and the latter adding in Eastern Europe and three new Major Powers to the game, with all of the events, missions, and scenarios to play with. Both come with the high-quality components you’d expect in a Paradox partnership, with custom dice, high quality sculpts, and beautiful artwork both from the game and unique to The Price of Power. The Deluxe edition also upgrades these components by giving you more of everything, with many of the cardboard components converted to wood, even more minis, and nearly three hundred more player tokens than the Base version. There’s also two add-ons: a 133 x 80 cm playmat compatible with both versions of the game, and an extra set of dice (just in case).

The Deluxe edition adds in the powers of the East for players to contend with.

They’ve already hit their first stretch goal and are rapidly approaching the second, which will add game trays for players. The remaining goals are shrouded in mist, with the only clue being a sign that says “Glory for Ulm”, the name of a famous 65-part series of comics detailing the unorthodox rise of the German Free Imperial City of Ulm. Could we get a chance to play as this unorthodox hero in the game? Only time will tell.

The Kickstarter for the game runs through Thursday, November 7th, with a projected delivery date of September 2020. The Base tier will run you $99 while the Deluxe tier will hit you for $153, as well as any addons you might want plus shipping. You can also chip in $2 to access the Pledge Manager later on in case you can’t pledge RIGHT NOW. You can find out more about the game, and check out their development diaries charting the game’s road to release, on Aegir’s site.

All Images via Aegir Games



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