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Steamforged Games And Bandai Namco To Partner For Sixth Time On ‘Elden Ring: The Board Game’

Steamforged Games, tabletop games developer and publisher (DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Ni No Kuni II, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game) announced today they will bring Fromsoft‘s hit RPG Elden Ring to the tabletop in an official board game adaptation.

Elden Ring The Board Game logo

Like the video game, the Elden Ring board game will immerse players in the forsaken Lands Between. In a vast, sprawling world of decaying grandeur that unfolds through their exploration, 1-4 ‘Tarnished’ players will embark on a huge and varied adventure, visiting iconic locations and crossing paths with familiar enemies and characters. 

The video game’s characteristically challenging fights will be recreated by intelligent dice-free combat, requiring players to strategise and adapt their plans during each encounter — whether that be a lowly Godrick Soldier or the Grafted King himself. 

Steamforged will launch the Elden Ring board game on Kickstarter, with the date to be announced soon. More details will be shared in the lead-up to the launch. 

Elden Ring: The Board Game Margit mini

Mat Hart, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Steamforged Games, said:

Elden Ring is a stunning, genre-defining video game, and we are humbled and privileged to be bringing it to your tabletops. To say our team is passionate about the game would be an understatement. 

“Our mission is always to deliver authentic tabletop adaptations that capture the essence of what fans know and love about the IP. Fans should expect a dark, richly-realised tabletop world of mystery and peril, with satisfying combat and rewarding exploration. Prepare to lose hours to this game, and to be glad about it.” 

The Elden Ring board game marks Steamforged’s sixth time partnering with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. following establishment of the relationship in 2016 with DARK SOULS: The Board Game. Steamforged’s first sizable crowdfunding campaign, DARK SOULS: The Board Game ran on Kickstarter in 2016 and became one of the highest-funded campaigns in the history of the platform at over $5 million. The two have also worked together on an adaptation of DARK SOULS into a TTRPG. 

Aâdil Tayouga, Director of Licensing & Business Strategy at Bandai Namco Europe welcomes the announcement: “Steamforged Games has been a partner for several years and has shown dedication in creating qualitative products faithful to our IP. We are very happy to announce this new collaboration and are looking forward to fans exploring Elden Ring universe as a tabletop game.”

To be notified when the Elden Ring board game Kickstarter launches, follow the campaign here.

Images via Steamforged Games and Bandai Namco

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