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Dungeons & Dragons Will Celebrate Drow Boy Summer With New Drizzt Book And TV Show

One of the biggest break out characters in D&D history, Drizzt Do’Urden has been an enduring fan-favorite for decades (to the point that he basically usurped the starring role in the novel series he first appeared in). He’s been relatively quiet during Fifth Edition, but he finally popped up a bit more prominently when they returned to Icewind Dale last year and released things like an action figure as well as announcing his part in the upcoming Dark Alliance video game. Now, they’ve announced that this summer will be all about Menzoberranzan’s most famous exile, starting with a brand new animated short written by R.A. Salvatore and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Called “Sleep Sound,” the short introduces new fantasy fans to the hero and his Companions and debuts as part of a longer video hosted by B. Dave Walters that provides an exclusive look at all of the Drizzt offerings this summer including interviews with the developers of the Dark Alliance video game staring Drizzt and the Companions (June 22), new details about R.A. Salvatore’s newest Legend of Drizzt novel (August 3) and a preview of (3) new Magic: The Gathering cards from the upcoming Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set (July 23). The All Things Drizzt video can be found here:

As part of the announcement, D&D has also confirmed that a live-action TV show about Drizzt is in development by eOne entertainment (The Rookie, Hell On Wheels). This is in addition to the upcoming movie set in the Forgotten Realms starring Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Rege-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis, and Justice Smith.

Keep an eye on The Fandomentals for more updates and info on The Summer of Drizzt and the latest from D&D!

Images via Wizards of the Coast


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