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A New Skirmish Battle Game Is Coming In September: ‘Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught’

During yesterday’s D&D Direct, longtime Dungeons & Dragons partner Wizkids Games announced that an exciting new strategy game will be joining their line of official D&D products later this year. D&D: Onslaught will be a 1v1 Skirmish game similar to Godtear, Unmatched and others, built around minis similar to the ones Wizkids already make. Each player will control a party of adventurers fighting through a dungeon, competing with each other for gold and glory.

The first core set will revolve around the Harpers and the Zhentarim, two factions who have long battled behind the scenes for control of the Sword Coast. In addition to the opposing party, you’ll also be contending with a host of dangerous dungeon monsters including a ferocious black dragon.

D&D Onslaught Box

– 21 Fully-Painted Miniatures
– 1 Double-Sided Game Board
– 4 Twenty-Sided Dice
– 16 Dial Cards
– 26 Standard Cards
– 44 Mini Cards
– 71 Tokens
– 14 Terrain Elements
– 1 Rule Book
– 1 Scenario Guide
– 4 Plastic Standees

Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught will release in September 2022, retailing at $139.99​

Images via Wizkids Games


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